What TheRichMarketer Is All About

"Happiness is real only when shared".

There is no better sentence to explain what is the goal of this blog and why I want to help you.

The potential of the web today is incredible, the World is changing and therefore the way to do business too.

On this blog I share all the tips & tricks you need in order to start your own online business.

My MISSION is to help you make money online in order to achieve the lifestyle you always dreamt about.

Become your own-boss, start travelling the world and enjoy the life.

TheRichMarketer Helps You To Start Your Online Business 

In this blog I show you how to start an online business, even if you don't have previous experience nor technical knowledge.

Learn everything you need in order to start making money online.

To make your life easier, I've collected here the most useful guides in order to get started:

About Riccardo Martucci

TheRichMarketer was founded by Riccardo Martucci in 2018.

He's a blogger, digital marketer and part-time digital entrepreneur.

The passion for digital marketing and online business led him to open this blog to share his knowledge with other likeminded people.

The possibility to work and travel at the same time, communicating instantly with the rest of the World, it's what gives him the motivation to put in efforts every day.

He loves travelling, football and coffee!

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” - Mark Twain

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