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Nice to meet you!

I’m Riccardo and I’m from Italy.

On this blog I share all the tips & tricks you need in order to start your own online business.

Become your own-boss, start travelling the world and enjoy the life.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” Mark Twain


During my studies I understood that what I liked the most whitin the subjects I had, it was Marketing, especially Digital Marketing. I was fascinated about how it is possible nowadays to communicate worldwide just staying behind a laptop.

I wanted to become an expert marketing manager, travel the world, work for the most important brands on the planet, communicating what I wanted to say.

Travelling has always been one my passion, that’s why even during my studying period I decided to spent a semester studying abroad in Spain, in the amazing city of Cádiz. This experience changed my life.

I couldn’t anymore think about to live only in one place and the world of digital marketing seems to be a perfect fit. The possibility to work and travel at the same time, communicating instantly with the rest of the World.

After I got my Master’s Degree in Business Management, with a thesis in Digital Marketing (obviously :D), I started to work in Italy and I got my first real job as a Sales Representative for an important international brand.

Even if it was a cool experience, I felt like it wasn’t still enough for me. My private life together with my dream to travel and living abroad led me to come to Poland, in Warsaw (where I’m living right now).

I started again a new adventure, a total different environment, working for something totally different in Data Management.

From my perspective, every single experience we do in our life counts. I’m a really curios about what’s happening in the World and how the world of business is changing. Inside me I was still thinking that this was not my path, I was getting lost and I wanted and I deserved something else for my life.

That’s why I started to look for new challenges and I started to check what I could do online, participating in many events about Digital Marketing from the most important experts of the sector and following a lot of online courses.


Yes, I decided to be a Digital Marketer full time, travel the World and develop my business online.

The most important decision you can take in your life is to decide who you want to be!


“Happiness is real only when shared”.

There couldn’t be better sentence to explain what is the goal of my blog and why I want to help people.

The potential of the web today is incredible, the World is changing and therefore the way to do business too.

I want to make the impossible possible and I would like you think the same.

Follow my blog and all the hints that I will share, in order to start your own online business and find your own way.

The World is on our hands, let’s claim a piece of it!

Hope to see you on board!

To Your Success,