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Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Step-by-Step Tutorial

By Riccardo

November 28, 2019

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Follow my Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners tutorial and learn how to make money with Amazon.

Everything you need to know about the Amazon affiliate program and how you can get started. Even if you’ve never had a website or blog.

If you are thinking about becoming an Amazon affiliate and start your own online business from home, then keep reading.

What Is The Amazon Affiliate Program?

The Amazon Affiliate Program, also called Amazon Associates, allows you to promote all the products listed on Amazon and earn a commission every time someone buys through your affiliate link.

It is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world that helps content creators or website owners monetize their traffic.

When you send a customer to Amazon via a link placed on your website, you get a percentage of the sale, depending on what they purchase over the next 24 hours (commissions may vary).

Amazon Associates Program Homepage

How To Become An Amazon Affiliate

Everyone with a blog or website can easily become an Amazon affiliate.

Learn how to start blogging before you attempt to earning money with the Amazon associates program.

Even if it’s not strictly necessary to have a blog or website to start is highly recommended.

This because you’ll need a decent amount of traffic in order to start making money and don’t be kicked off from the program.

How To Sign Up For Amazon Associates Program

When you sign up, you’ll give Amazon the list of websites you’ll be promoting on.

If your website is not yet ready and has poor quality content, Amazon won’t approve your site.

That’s why it’s so important to get a few well written articles at the beginning.

You can go directly to Amazon Associates or, if you are on the homepage of Amazon, scroll down and look for “Become an Affiliate”.

amazon affiliate marketing for beginners

You will then select an Amazon tag to use for your affiliate links (such as name-surname) and complete the registration process.

Once Amazon will approve your application, you’ll be ready to start promoting products on your blog or website.

If you wish to know more, check out my guide about how to create an Amazon affiliate website.

The chart below shows you what Amazon’s fixed standard program fees rate are for each category.

Amazon advertising fees chart

Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing Is Great For Beginners

The good news for beginners about Amazon associate program is that there are many chances to make additional sales from your affiliate promotions.

You don’t earn only from the products you directly promote on your website.

This is why many affiliates decide to start promoting Amazon’s products. Let me explain.

Amazon has a 24 hours cookie policy, meaning that the standard Amazon affiliate link gives you the possibility to earn a commission, for each purchase made from your customer up to 24 hours.

That being said, the amazing thing is that the customer doesn’t have to buy exactly the product that you are promoting through your link.

Whatever other products he or she buys in the next 24 hours, you’ll get a commission as well for those.

For example, while on the site, they remember that they also need to buy other stuff for their home.

If someone is already in buying mindset, you can potentially make an extra 2 or 3 additional sales (which brings you to higher commissions).

Considering the fact that there are millions of products available on Amazon, you have endless possibilities to make money.


How To Promote Amazon Products As An Affiliate

Amazon offers three ways to add product links or ads on your website: text links, banners, and native shopping ads.

So far the most common way to promote Amazon’s product is to insert text links through the content on your blog.

You have different options to write a compelling blog post and make people purchase through your link:

  • Product Reviews
  • Product Comparison
  • List of the best or discounted products

Product Reviews

The best way to promote a single product is to write a review about it.

People are already looking for specific products online, and they would like to see if anyone has already tried it and what’s the average opinion.

Doing a quality review for a product related to your niche will boost your affiliate sales, because people are ready to buy!

Product Comparison

Sometimes people don’t know what to choose between two or more brands when buying a product (e.g. Canon or Nikon).

If you do a good product comparison, pointing out the pros and cons of both products, people will probably decide to buy one or the other (in the end your goal is to make people click through your link and land on Amazon).

Of course, it’s very important to give value, because remember that the first skill of an affiliate marketer is to solve people’s problems or doubts.

List of Products (discount/sales)

Help people to choose the best product for each category.

You can leverage holidays or promotion periods (e.g. Summer Sale, Black Friday) to help them find the latest discounts or sales.

It’s very popular to make a list of products such as:

  • The best laptops for freelancers
  • Top 10 cheapest tablets
  • 9 products you must have at home

What it’s crucial is to capture people’s attention and make them interested to buy immediately after reading your post.

Watch the video below:


Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: How To Start?

The first thing to do when you’re starting out is to find a profitable niche and where you are sure there is demand for products.

You can use a free tool such as Google Trends to check if a certain topic or keyword has a lot of researches in the last 1,3,5 years.

Try to go for longer phrases. Even if they are less searched, the difficulty to rank such keywords is much lower. Thanks to this you’ll have less competition and you will slowly rank your site overtime.

Think always about what someone would Google to get to your article and write a post that is compelling to that search.

Let’s recap the pros and cons of Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners. Before you get started, it’s important to understand if this business model is the right fit for you:


  • Millions of products to promote in every niche
  • 24 hours cookie policy, you make the commissions on all the products someone buys in 24h
  • Amazon is the most trusted eCommerce in the world
  • Millions of people purchase products on Amazon using a one-click buy system (saved credit card details = more sales = more commissions for you)


  • Amazon doesn’t pay out high commissions, unless you promote high ticket products (between 1 and 10 percent).
  • You need to build up a blog or website before you get approved into the affiliate program.

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Hope you enjoyed this step-by-tutorial about Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I'll do my best to answer all your doubts.


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