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Niche Site Formula Review (2021) – Build An Amazon Affiliate Website

By Riccardo

July 1, 2019

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Are you looking for a program that shows you how to make an Amazon affiliate website? If yes, you are in the right place my friend, this Niche Site Formula review got you covered.

In this post I’m reviewing Niche Site Formula, currently the most complete course based on the amazon affiliate program, for aspirant digital entrepreneurs.

I followed the entire course myself, so I can give you a in-depth review of the course and showing you exactly what you’re going to learn and if it’s worth for you.

What is an Amazon affiliate niche website?

Any website or blog that earns from the Amazon Associates Program via affiliate links or banners placed throughout their content, it can be considered an Amazon affiliate website.

Of course, there are tons of niche blogs out there, ranging from fishing to kitchen or gardening.

If a website earns most of its revenues from Amazon’s affiliate program, then it can be thought of as an Amazon niche site.

Not every niche has the same potential and not every website is able to make money.

Therefore it’s very important you learn how to properly set up an affiliate website before start making money.

Niche Site Formula got you covered!

What’s Niche Site Formula all about?

The platform has been designed to show you step-by-step how to build a niche site blog, get traffic to it and earn commissions thanks to the Amazon affiliate program.

The course has been divided into different sections to help you understand the entire process from the very beginning till you are becoming an expert affiliate marketer.

Therefore, Roman, the founder of Niche Site Formula, developed the course to show you how to start, build and grow a 5-figure affiliate marketing business from scratch.

Ready to dive into the course?

What do you get inside the course?

The entire training is very detailed, so make sure to go at your own pace, if you are a beginner.

Some concepts might sound a bit basic to you, if you have already any sort of online experience.

Anyway the course has been designed to bring you from A to Z.

Be consistent, complete a module every day and put in action what you’ve learned. Results will follow!

There are a total of 10 modules plus 2 extra sections related about tips & tools you need.

Let’s check each section more in details.

how to make an amazon affiliate website

1. Niche Research

In this first part your are going to learn the basics of any online business, the selection of your niche.

This is the starting point to understand how to make an Amazon affiliate website.

The idea here is to choose a Niche that is narrow but not that much, in order to have plenty of ideas to post.

Roman explains which criteria must have a good niche and what methods to use in order to choose the best one for you.

He gives you his recommendations as well as a couple of tools you can use to find yours (Keywords Everywhere and Google Trends).

At the end of this part you can download an ebook with a list of 100 ideas for your niche.

2. Keyword Research

After a brief explanation of what a keyword is and what types of keywords exist, this section is focused on the keyword selection methods.

You’ll learn the methods to identify good keywords based on certain criteria and how to spy your competitors in order to get ideas for your blog posts.

Roman underline the importance, especially for beginners, to find long-tail keywords, that usually are less competitive, in order to rank your blog posts faster.

3. Domain and Hosting

After you choose your niche, of course you need to have a website in order to run your affiliate marketing business.

The most important point is how to choose a good domain and hosting.

Romain suggests to use a simple business name that over time becomes memorable.

You have different options to choose your domain name.

Here you’ll learn as well what not to do when choosing your business name.

The hosting is the home of your website, therefore you have to rely on a hosting service that provides excellent performances for your website.

Personally I recommend SiteGround, that I use as well for this blog.

4. Brand and Design

It’s a pretty short section where you’ll get an idea of what branding means.

There are basic recommendations about what is a brand, how to choose a logo and the colours and how to create a persona behind your real name.

In this way the website is more marketable and has a potential to be sold in the future.

5. WordPress

WordPress is the most common CMS (Content Management System) used Worldwide to create and manage blogs or websites.

It’s free, pretty easy to install on your hosting and very easy to manage, as well for beginners.

You can check my guide about the best WordPress hosting to create a blog.

Here Roman explains very well how to choose and install a Theme on your blog, which plugins to add in order to perform better and most important how to install Google Analytics to track your website visitors.

Google Analytics is an essential tool to check and understand the behaviour of the users on your website.

And it’s free too!

6. Content

Here we have an explanation about the purposes, types and length of content.

To make the business works, the content needs to solve a problem first and then sell a product.

There are 3 main types of content:

  • Commercial content or Product Reviews
  • Informational content or How to posts
  • Entertainment content or List posts

Each affiliate amazon affiliate website should has a mix of the 3 in order to grow and bring value to the readers.

Roman shows you as well the must have pages and disclaimer each niche website should has in place.

7. Outsourcing

Pretty short section about the possibility to hiring writers to make the work for you and where to find them.

8. SEO

SEO (Search Engine Opitmization). Very important part of the course, as it’s the foundation to get free traffic to your new niche website blog.

You will learn how to properly write blog posts in order to be found from search engines and rank for specific keywords.

Focus on the importance of interlinking your content inside the website, to get ranked faster and increase the time spent of your readers on the website.

Other SEO tips to improve the title and optimization of your posts.

9. Amazon

A quick overview of the Amazon Associates Program and how to apply for it.

Roman shows us how to create affiliate link for any kind of product and suggest to carefully read the program policies to avoid breaking the rules.

10. Linkbuilding

Here is discussed the concept of backlinks and the importance they have in in positioning your website higher in search engines.

Roman focus his attention about different practices you can use to get backlinks to your website.

Especially, how to properly get backlinks by commenting other blogs or how to reach like-minded people for guest post opportunities.

Tools & Tips

This last part is an overview of tools and tips you need to boost your business at the beginning.

How much does Niche Site Formula Cost?

You can go with the premium membership and pay $797 (one-time payment).

Otherwise you have the option to choose the silver membership and the course will cost you 5 x payments of $197.

Of course, talking about affiliate websites, you then need to spend around $200 the first year to open your first website and have everything you need to run it.

Interested in a different solution to open a website? Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

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What I like and and what I don't?

I generally consider it a good course, especially if you are beginner in affiliate marketing.


  • Legit course, it can really works if you follow step-by-step what Roman says in the training.
  • Easy to understand
  • You get all the knowledge you need to start your own niche website
  • Personal support of Roman via email
  • Facebook private group (Premium members)


  • Could be more detailed or include more topics
  • Not so many training videos, mainly text.

Comparing Niche Site Formula to my 1st pick - Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools, support 24/7 and step-by-step training to start you own profitable online business.

Niche Site Formula Review - Conclusion

Niche sites that are monetized by the Amazon affiliate program have huge potential.

With Niche Site Formula you will learn all you need to start your own Amazon affiliate website and start making money online.

As long as you understand the key concepts of SEO and the basics marketing rules online,  you can earn a lot from Amazon affiliate niche sites.

Within 3 to 6 months you will be able to get some sales and then grow from there.

Hope you enjoyed this Niche Site Formula review. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Want  to learn more? Check my guide => Affiliate Marketing for beginners.

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