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Fiverr Pro Review: Find The Right Talents

By Riccardo

January 3, 2024

Most of us are familiar with Fiverr. You’d know that it’s a freelancer’s hub, if nothing else. However, have you heard of Fiverr Pro? Fiverr Pro is a platform, a sub project of Fiverr which lets people choose freelancers to work in their team. Of course, this is not a free service.

Fiverr Business has a lot of developers and experts who are actively looking for more work down the line. Being a freelancer is great, but it is made even greater when they are working in a group with a specific valid client.

Going through the clutter can be quite exhausting, which is why today we will be looking at how you too can use Fiverr Pro to find the right talent. Here is our Fiverr Pro review, let us get started. 

Understanding Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro started its journey in the late side of 2020 (previously called Fiverr Business) - it is created by the Fiverr brand and works very similarly to it. The major differences are, unlike Fiverr, Fiverr Pro allows you to work with groups. You can also keep track of them using workflow control.

The whole point of this was to make sure that there is room for freelancers in groups to work remotely. A more cohesive and coherent workflow can be achieved by this, and Fiverr can be fairly cluttered in comparison.

Just about anyone can become a seller on Fiverr, and this can be problematic when separating the worthy candidates from those who are not. It will ultimately come down to the buyer to decide the rating of the seller.

One thing Fiverr Pro does differently is that it lets you know from the get-go that every freelancer you work with is verified and approved by the Fiverr Pro support team. Before we drag on this article for too long in our Fiverr Pro review, it is a project management tool, with access to all freelancers combined into one piece of software.

Fiverr pro review

How to Find the Right Talents

Now there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to judging a freelancer, but here are some of the things you should definitely be looking out for.

Their Profile

First and foremost, thoroughly read through their profile. Whatever position of work you are looking to hire a freelancer for your team for, this will prove to be very important. Instead of just grazing through their profile, dive deeper.

Check out what projects they have done in the past, how far involved they were in it. Take notes of any other feats that they may have under their belt. If they have any side gigs, do not miss checking out on those either.

These are all essential qualities that make a good freelancer. In this first step of our Fiverr Pro review, it is up to you to decide who is good and who is not. Do not worry, however, there are plenty of frauds out there who lie about their profile.

For this, we will have the next parts.

Create a Requirements Board

It should be standard in the industry by now, but you should create a list of the requirements that you need. Go through this list, and add any smaller items to it if they come to mind. You can discard them later if it does not mean much. However, it is highly advised that you don’t.

Once you have gotten your list of requirements, you should match these with the profile of the freelancers that you are eyeing. Pay very close attention to their deliveries, their ratings, and the reviews that clients have left behind for them.

Explain to yourself now and then what it is exactly that you are looking for. As a project manager, it makes it essential for you to decide what your requirements are. The reality is that there are project managers who are active right now, expecting fishes to fly and that is simply never going to happen!

Ask for a Gig

Now that you know what you want, it's time to get to work and ask the right questions. Post a job or a gig with the right details. Regardless of what you post, it is likely you will get many replies in a short period of time. The issue with this is that you have to decide who you want to add for the job.

Mention all the little intricacies you are looking for, and also that you are working with a group. Some freelancers would be more interested in working if they know you have a team with you.

The most important thing to keep in mind during this time is, to be honest. Do not be posting about a job offer where you ask for particular work hours, and then suddenly in practice that increases by 10 hours a week.

This is really off-putting for the worker and might prevent you from getting future collaborators working with you. Being honest can go a long way in a field like this, even the most professionally experienced individuals know that.

Be Clear when Negotiating

When you are contacted regarding the gig by sellers, shortlist a few and have a little chat with them. You will likely green light a lot of the applicants because of sheer job experience. You do not want someone working under you for serious projects who have zero prior knowledge.

Now, your interactions and conversations with the freelancers you are shortlisting should be clear and cut. There is no reason for you to be trying to act like a psychic. While there are some industry essentials that all freelancers should be familiar with, the reality is that that may not always be the case.

Do not expect any of these individuals to be mind-readers and be as clear and honest with them as possible. Else, you might find it quite difficult to get along with them later on.

Investigate and Verify

Now that the initial steps are done, you can look deeper into the freelancers you have conversed with. To learn more about anyone, you can check out their other social media links. Needless to say, there are some important factors you should be wary of before you let someone work under you.

The biggest red flags are any kind of criminal records regarding theft or fraudulence. You might want to reconsider the status of someone you have chosen after knowing this. We know we would, as we would be trusting this person for our work.

Ethics are an essential part of the workplace and this point is basically about that. If you still are not sure about the background of someone, you can contact legalities to have a clearer understanding.

This is the part of the Fiverr Pro review where we would say that we are done, but we will list off some extra points just for your convenience when choosing talents.

Greenlighting the Freelancer

Before you give the freelancer the greenlight, you can choose to have another personal interview with them. In this session, consider asking them more competitive questions. Verify to see exactly how well they do know regarding their field.

Why is this so important? Well, for the same reason you think! You do not need a developer working under you who does not know the first thing about development. You don’t want a writer making content for you who has zero experience with writing.

Moreover, it’s always reassuring to know that your team is fully on board with the basics of their job. These are just some things that help the project managers stay comfortable and be confident.

Authenticity in Work

So one of the more important issues that we would like to focus on in our Fiverr Pro review, is plagiarism. It is very inevitably present in the scene of freelancers. What mainly causes it is the lack of competence from the end of the freelancers, and it is a big issue in context.

When working on a group project with a team, it is important to make sure that the work is original. Else, there is a risk of tarnishing not only the plagiarist’s reputation but yours too as a project manager!

Plagiarism is such a red flag in 2024 that it does not even need much explanation. It is saddening how bad a project’s situation can get if it is delivered with any kind of plagiarism in it. Moreover, it is actually very easy to detect, so submitting someone else’s work as your own is quite foolish in today’s day and age.

Working in a Team

As mentioned earlier, honesty in this is very important. You cannot lie to your team about anything at all, at least you should not. Remember that behind all of this is the global Fiverr organization and they will track it down if you take part in anything illegal.

What’s more important is to respect your fellow teammates. Give them the rest they need, the time they need now and then. No one is a machine, neither can anyone perform like that. Even the most passionate of workers will require some time to recharge.

Be on your best behaviour with those you are working with too. You can’t behave with them poorly and expect good results in return. It is counterintuitive and generally not a good idea to do this.

The Cons of Fiverr Business

The cons of Fiverr Pro are the same as any other freelancer’s platform. You will find it difficult to run a freelance project off as one of true caliber in a corporate scene. Simply speaking, the pressure, competence, and need to be better in the corporate world is far beyond the reach of freelancing.

This is a big reason why those with corporate jobs tend to look down on freelancers. The common train of thought that makes them think this way is that they tend to judge by the book rather than the situation.

Regardless, aside from legitimacy, there is also a case of coherence. In a project management job, you will find that some work harder than others. Some will spend sleepless nights trying to perfect a project while others do not put in the same effort.

What can you do in this situation? Well, for starters, you can offer incentives for those who perform best. This is great for those who are starting their journey with Fiverr Pro. An incentive helps an employee stay motivated even in their darker times.

Is Fiverr Worth it in 2024?

This mainly boils down to you and what you want from Fiverr Pro. The whole purpose of this is to bring teams closer and work together in a more engaging manner. As a project manager, it will also be easier for you to get through issues by immediately contacting those under you.

Fiverr Pro is worth it if you like working in small groups taking on more niche projects. You also need to be able to find the right team for this. Payments and pricing for Fiverr Business work similarly to Fiverr, so you do not have a risk of security to worry about.

Making the most on this platform involves engagement directly. You want to interact with more users to expand your network. It helps them send more traffic your way under the right circumstances. It is important to remember that this is a freelancer’s platform. Do not expect proper professionalism and word of mouth from everyone.


To conclude, Fiverr Pro is a great branching idea of Fiverr itself. The legitimacy and honesty of this platform at this moment are what make it so great. You can indulge yourself in further knowledge by paying a visit to their website here. We hope this Fiverr Pro review was helpful for you and your future team!


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