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Fiverr Review (2024): How To Find Freelancers For Your Business?

By Riccardo

May 22, 2019

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Welcome to my Fiverr Review.

Finding freelancers for your business is not that easy, considering that each business is a case apart.

Many people nowadays are trying to start their own online business or they are trying to scale them business but are struggling to find the right people to move on.

By using Fiverr you can outsource almost everything concerning your online business, from creating the website, creating a logo, graphic design, you can even get someone to write the blog posts for you!

Let’s cover the basics of what Fiverr is and how you can find the best online freelancing services for your business.

find freelancers with fiverr

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers from around the world offer all sorts of digital tasks and services, called gigs, to clients who need to outsource tasks for them business.

When Fiverr first started out in 2010, each Gig was no more than $5 but following a public outcry  by clients willing to pay more for better services, Fiverr lifted this condition.

Today is possible for the freelancers to set their price, up to $1000 and also negotiate charges with clients (buyers).

How to register with Fiverr?

It’s time to register, finding freelancers for your business that will suit your needs.

Fiverr uses a single account system for both freelancers and buyers. Registration with Fiverr is simple and free. Everyone can register with Fiverr without any manual verification process.

So whether you are a freelancer (Seller) or a client (Buyer) you can click the button below and hit the join button to register for free.

Register on Fiverr


How does Fiverr work?

At Fiverr, a freelancer create a Gig offering a service in exchange for money. For example, a graphics designer can create a Gig for logo designing.

Freelancers can also add details regarding the scope of services in the description, specifying what they're offering.

A client can then search through various gigs created by freelancers and shortlist the one which matches his requirement. If needed, they can request a custom quote from the freelancer.

Buy on Fiverr

You are the buyer or client. You want a job doing that you can’t do yourself.

Once you create an account on Fiverr, all you need to do is look for the service you would want a freelancer to do for you. You will then proceed and buy the service.

Go to the services page. Here you will find a  toolbar at the top of the page whit a lot of different categories. You can either search these categories until you find something that suits your needs or you can use the "find services" box in the top left corner.

As a client, you will have to answer the freelancer's question to give him the necessary information for completing the work.

You can buy everything from graphic design, digital marketing, social media management, writing, translating, etc.

Maybe you would like to start your own online store, but you don't have idea where to start.

For example you might want to check how much it can costs you to build a website with Fiverr.

On Fiverr you will be able to find a freelance for every needs you might have when starting your own online business.

Fiverr will hold the cost of the project until it is complete. After the work is done Fiverr pays the seller. The seller will only get your money once you confirm that the order is complete and you are okay with it.

If not, you can request for a refund. You have the option of paying through a debit card, credit card or PayPal.

finding freelancers on fiverr

Sell on Fiverr

Create an account and go to the sellers' dashboard and create a gig.

Steps to follow:

  1. Name your gig and select a category
  2. Create your gig package
  3. Describe your gig
  4. Specify what the buyer needs to provide before you get started
  5. Add images or video to your gig
  6. Publish the gig

Want to grow your digital skills? Try Learn from Fiverr.

Otherwise, check out my #1 recommended resource to start your own online business.

Finding the right gig for your business, what's next?

Your order will be delivered and it is time for you to check everything and either accept the order or request revisions.

Know that the freelancer will be super keen to wrap the job up and move onto the next project. Don’t feel rushed, keep communicating until everything is right.

Once you press "accept order" the gig is finalised and the freelancer gets paid (less Fiverr commission).

Remember that usually sellers are offering different packages, depending on the level of the service. If the one you choose includes unlimited revisions feel free to ask to review your project until you are completely happy with it.

This means that you should first spend some time in finding freelancers for your business, in order to choose the right ones.

Fiverr Processing Fee

Before buying the gig, a client has to pay to Fiverr the amount needed to buy the gig. For gigs up to $40, Fiverr charges extra $2 towards service charges. For gigs over $40, the charges are 5% of the amount.

As a seller instead, you'll get a net revenue of  80% of the purchase amount. This means the the fee for sellers is 20%.

Pros & Cons of Fiverr as a Buyer

Generally I would say that Fiverr is a really good marketplace to find almost any kind of freelancer you may need.


  • If you have a low budget you can get anyway better services on Fiverr than other freelance websites, considering that the competition is very high, therefore even good freelancers may offer you good services at lower prices.
  • If you are not satisfied for the service you can request a refund (respecting the terms of services).
  • Huge variety of gigs for all kind of needs.
  • You can post a request and wait for freelancers to send you a custom offer.


  • Sometimes the reviews of a seller might be not real (some people buy fake reviews or some buyer has might left a bad review on purpose).
  • You have to pay a minimum of $2 as service charges, even for a $5 gig.

Fiverr Review: Summary 

Definitely Fiverr is a safe website and therefore it can be trusted.

First of all, you now know that when you pay your money this doesn't go to the freelancer directly.

Fiverr holds the payment until you are completely satisfied with the job. If you are not happy you can request a refund.

That's why it is super easy and legit website.

As a buyer, if you can spend carefully, you can hire some good freelancers for very cheap rates.

Finding freelancers for your business it couldn't be easier thanks to Fiverr.

Hope you enjoyed my Fiverr review. What's the main problem you have right now in your business?

Share with me your experience on Fiverr or if you don't have an account yet, sign up here for free.

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