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7 Best Marketing Automation Softwares

By Riccardo

July 28, 2021

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Whether it is a brick-and-mortar or an online store, raising awareness among people is a must. Marketing is one thing that you will need to resort to. No matter how good of a product or service you have, it won’t really make much of a difference if potential customers are not aware of your product. Besides, the kind of offers, discounts, and launches you have for your business will also be known to people just by marketing.

These days, drawing customers isn’t as easy, even with digital marketing. So, more and more businesses are introducing marketing automation softwares in their business model to reach more people.

Getting Started

As you would have already realized, this article will be about the best marketing automation softwares out there. With the rise of the e-commerce industry, the number of marketing softwares available online is plentiful. So, choosing the right one can turn out to be a bit tricky. However, as long as you keep some factors in mind, you are good to go.

What is a Marketing Automation Software?

Starting off, marketing automation software is a basic type of software that is designed in a way to attract the most potential customers. The software attempts to capture leads from individual customers and groups. Whether your business is a B2C or B2B business, then using automated marketing software is a must – at least if you want to watch your sales grow.

Top 7 Best Marketing Automation Softwares:

1. Hubspot Growth Suite:

For beginners and newcomers working with marketing software, it can often be a confusing affair. If you fall into that category, then Hubspot Growth Suite will be your best option. It is not only easy to use but super affordable as well. The best feature about this is, it goes the extra mile in the whole automation process.

The way it goes beyond that is, it optimizes different departments and works with them in a centralized way. Hence, the streamlining becomes smooth. As everything is integrated, there is no need to move from one website to another and all the data can be transferred smoothly from one team to the next.

Some Notable Features of Hubspot Growth Suite:

  • SEO planning
  • Ad tracking.
  • Social media management.
  • Email marketing.
  • Workflow builder.

2. iPresso:

Integration of marketing software is very common now. However, that is not enough because the way it works needs to be considered as well. Luckily, iPresso works extremely well in such scenarios. Due to multi-channel communication with digital and proximity marketing, this will be a great option for small to medium businesses.

It is premium quality software designed for a specific industry. iPresso offers services to FMCG, Finance, Media, e-commerce, Travel, and Education based firms. It helps expand the marketing skills of your team. iPresso mostly focuses on the systemic developments of businesses.

Some features of iPresso:

  • System integration
  • System analysis
  • Designing extensions
  • Strategic consulting
  • Analytics and data auditing

3. ActiveCampaign:

ActiveCampaign is an automated marketing software that is entirely based on satisfying customer needs. Their large customer base speaks for their quality. It has a wide variety of pre-built automation features that you can use to your own advantage across socials, emails, and chats. It is always easy to talk about the perks and features of the software.

But, keep in mind that this whole operation is based on delivering a personalized, high-touch experience that is easy in the very beginning. However, do not worry about that because as your business grows it will adjust to the volume as well and will not hamper workflow or use at all. So, ease of workflow and easy setup process are the main highlights of this software.

There is no bad side to this software. But a few users had complained about their open rates going down at times.

Some key features of ActiveCampaign:

  • Activates customer experience
  • More than 850+ integrations
  • Has free online training
  • Has certified ecosystem of consultants
  • Provides dynamic content by product and by industry

4. Klaviyo:

Looking for a nice, sophisticated software that will give you the chance to personalize everything according to your preferences? Then look no further than Klaviyo. This is entirely a growth marketing-based software. If numbers are what take your attention, then you will be glad to know that companies have made around $4 billion in revenue through Klaviyo, and that just speaks volumes. If so many big names have put their trust in them, then you should too. A user said that they were able to clean up the audiences and keep the potential ones engaged through emails. New users will also find the templates super user-friendly and convenient to use.

A pro recommendation from our end would be to start by outlining the potential email marketing first. This is one area that Klaviyo does well and will surely reap good results. But do keep in mind the API integration requirements.

Some notable features

  • Building and scaling your firm
  • Eliminates technology sprawl
  • No additional cost for strategic support
  • Provides highly targeted marketing
  • Personalized marketing

5. Pardot by Salesforce

Pardot is a lead generation and nurturing system at its core. It starts with the creation of marketing materials to build interest in your products and finishes with the assignment of qualified prospects to a sales representative.

Pardot is a Salesforce product that helps businesses manage and assess the efficacy of their communications, acquire insight into user behavior, and tailor content across campaigns based on a variety of parameters. Using Pardot allows you to link to the right person at the right time.

In detail, Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation product is Pardot.  This MA software can help you automate your marketing strategy. Thus, it brings the marketing and sales departments closer together. Pardot provides you with one spot management and reports on projects. Not only that, it keeps track of prospects’ interactions with organizations across all marketing channels, allowing you to personalize your outreach. For customer success, Pardot managed to increase the marketing ROI by 34%.

Additionally, Pardot is a customizable MA software. With streamlined lead management and smarter lead generation, Pardot has a lot to offer.

Some key features of Pardot:

  • Powerful B2B Marketing Automation
  • Provides insightful ROI reporting
  • Supported with Artificial Intelligence
  • Provides services to four industries
  • Has ranges of services from growth to premium

6. User.com

User.com is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that uses a single data source for your consumers to increase engagement and conversion. Reach out to customers using a variety of communication methods, including email, live chat, chatbots, push notifications, dynamic page content, and more – all in one location. This is an option to look at as a way to generate more high-quality leads.

Small organizations, startups, enterprises, agencies, and others can utilize this marketing automation solution to automate and manage people across an Omni-marketing dashboard. User.com gathers all of the information needed in one location, allowing teams to be more organized and user-friendly. Instead of hopping between numerous tools and trying to get data, you can focus your efforts and resources on your consumers. It syncs all marketing and sales communication in one place and sends out different types of campaigns to different groups of clients.  Website visitor tracking options help personalize the message in the right channels and at the right time. Besides, it immediately updates email campaigns to those whose trial version has already ended.

Some key features of User.com

  • Provides easy-to-use, robust marketing tools
  • Delivers omni-channel communication experience
  • Has simple and quick integrations

 7.  Eloqua

If you are in search of MA software for an enterprise, Eloqua is your deal. Eloqua by Oracle is a marketing automation product. Being a center of marketing cloud, Eloqua manages cross-channel B2B marketing campaigns. It ensures closed-loop marketing and better-performing sales activities. Besides providing lead management, it also supports Artificial Intelligence and asset management. Eloqua offers its services to quite some industries other than the mainstream ones. Communications, construction engineering, financial services, food and beverages, hospitality, public sector, retail, and many more are on the list of Eloqua’s clientele.

With the adaptive campaign orchestration, buyers are engaged and provided guides based on real-time experiences. Eloqua by oracle nurtures leads by advanced lead scoring throughout all the buying stages. Be sure to check out Eloqua if you have a big firm and want to spend on marketing wisely.

Some notable features:

  • Provides segmentation and targeting
  • Creates adaptive campaigns
  • Campaigns faster than ever
  • Has advanced lead scoring
  • Provides firmographic data

Difference Between MA and CRM

This is a common question from many new online marketers and that is whether they should use marketing automation (MA) or customer relationship management (CRM) software. Since we are talking about the best marketing automation softwares, the comparison between the two is essential.

Starting off, these two serve different functions. But they have similarities as well. They both help to understand the movement of prospective sales but through different methods and channels. Marketing automation tools, for example, will assist you in capturing and taking care of potential leads to the designated sales team. On the other hand, CRM’s job is to pick up from where the automated marketing software leaves off. CRM will use the data stored and work with it to confirm the sale.

So, answering the question of which one you should use, you should be using both to get the best possible sales.

Why is Marketing Automation Necessary?

All the features we have mentioned about every automation software above should tell you all about it. This software provides marketing automation, which helps the business stay relevant. Be it a small or medium business, marketing automation always comes in handy to be competitive. For large businesses, it helps the staff keep up with operations, orders, needs, and demands of their customers.

A marketing automation software also provides improved ROI. This really helps with targeting a more specific group of customers for your products and services. As a result, your marketing budget is spent in an efficient manner besides bringing in target customers.

What to Look for in Marketing Automation Softwares

There are different kinds of marketing automation softwares. But you gotta choose one that fits your company’s needs. Many automation softwares are packed with features, but get one that caters to your list of needs. It’s absolutely unnecessary to pay for automated emails if your campaign is based on social media. Look for single marketing tools as they are more affordable.

However, for large businesses, there is some flexibility in the marketing departments. Try to get customized tools for your business. Softwares with integration and API are good for these. This way, they can link the software to other systems like project management. For enterprises, try to add split testing of campaigns on the software. To track custom KPIs and email campaigns, try to get custom segments.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, marketing automation software has become a must for businesses, especially for a small business or a new business in the market. The benefits a MA software provides are beyond expectations. Starting from reducing operating costs to collecting more data from the target group, an MA software successfully closes more sales. The analytics and reporting of this software are so accurate that it gives better insights, resulting in better performance. A marketing automation software essentially increases the ROI of a business.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best marketing automation software that fits your business needs and company size.


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