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Aweber Review 2021: Know and Grow Your Sales with Ease!

By Riccardo

May 23, 2021

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In 2021, businesses must utilize the internet the best way possible to grab the attention of customers and eventually increase the conversion. Email marketing is one such tactic that has proven to be beneficial in helping even the smallest businesses.

Through this, you can target a large group of current/potential customers to check your advertisements, newer products/services, and more. Aweber has been successfully helping marketers to do so for more than two decades.

What is Aweber?

Aweber is a customer relationship-building tool that utilizes email marketing to communicate the products and services of businesses. The platform allows you access to an array of eye-catching email marketing templates that are bound to engage your current and potential customers. Aweber has helped millions of marketers connect with their audience in the form of email marketing which has led to higher conversions.

It is compatible with Google’s AMP and ensures outstanding client account management. Plus, it offers amazing features such as landing page builder, web push notification and A-B split testing. Overall, it’s the ultimate email marketing service that every business should try.

Aweber Features

1. Mailing List and Segmentation

Easy Managing of Contacts

Aweber makes it extremely easy to manage your email contact list. You can directly import contacts from files, type in their information manually, or copy-paste multiple addresses at once. With the help of WordPress integration, you can also put signup forms on your website or create individual landing pages with a signup form.

In Aweber, all contacts are added to one big list so you don’t have to add a new list every time you want to increase your contacts (unless you’re opting for the segmentation feature).

However, you can organize the contact list as per your preference with the help of tags. This is a traditional form of contact organization that might need some getting used to especially if you’ve used other email marketing platforms.

Advanced Search Form

In Aweber, you can use “segmentation” to sort and categorize contacts. Through this feature, you can make a dynamic contact list where contacts are automatically added when they meet the required criteria.

The criteria may depend on various factors including their shopping pattern, their value in your company, or the duration they’ve been with your business.

On the platform, you can use the advanced search form to look for contacts for specific criteria. Let’s say you want a list of contacts who live in New York, you can type that as the keyword and Aweber will present you exactly what you’re looking for. You can also make segments for new clients which will make it easier for you to send relevant emails to the targeted list of contacts.

With that being said, keep in mind that the advanced search form isn’t fully usable with the Free Plan. Even though there will be an option, you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro Plan to save your preferred segments.

2. Email Campaigns, Templates, and Personalization

Flexible Editor

The email editor on Aweber is extremely easy to use and promotes flexibility on both the layout as well as the features. Not only can you add texts, images, and buttons but you can also put logos, image carousels and RSS feeds.

The Email templates are very responsive as well which support automatic resizing of themselves to fit the site they’re being viewed on. After editing as per your preference, you can check the mobile preview to see how it may appear to a user on their smartphone.

Utmost Personalization

Aweber allows you to use multiple variables to personalize your email marketing tool. The most common variables are the contact’s first name, last name, signup URL/date, email address, IP address, location, and signature.

But of course, there’s more to it. The email marketing platform uses the appearing/disappearing email content based on the information you have about your subscriber. Let’s say, for example, your business has just come out with a great bunch of international deals but some current deals are running in Arizona.

In that case, you can form a list of deals that will only be shown to your Arizona subscribers.

A-B Split Testing

Unlike many email marketing platforms that only offer split tests on subject lines, Aweber allows A-B split testing on everything, even email designs. So, you can have a clear picture of what will work on your current and future subscribers based on statistical data and not just assumptions.

Social Media Share

Using Aweber you can put social media links and social media share buttons which will increase the exposure of your business significantly.

Vast Library of Stock Images

In Aweber, you’ll find a huge library of more than 6,500 stock images which you’ll hardly come across in other email marketing platforms. No matter what type of business you have, you’ll come across multiple high-quality images to choose from which you can integrate into your website’s landing page.

Supports All Languages

Aweber supports all languages starting from English and Chinese to Arabic and Hebrew, as long as you have the keyboard to type the relevant information.

some of aweber's features

3. Automation

With automation, you can trigger emails and campaigns without having to touch them at all. For example, a new contact will receive a “Hello!” message as soon as they sign up for your newsletter.

You can also use this feature to send information about additional deals to the new contact. This can be done by adding a tag to the user when they click on an in-email link for a deal they are interested in.

The automation feature on Aweber is called Campaigns, which can be used to send automatic information as mentioned above, along with advanced options such as abandoned email carts. However, the latter is only available on the Pro Plan.

The Campaigns feature on Aweber helps you to shorten the time and effort you would otherwise have to put manually to send individual greeting emails to new contacts. With the help of this automation feature, you can easily segment customers through tags and add, update, or delete them anytime based on a change in their profession or geographical location.

With that being said, the automation could be a lot better especially in the area of flexibility to the type of customer behavior that can lead to mailouts. Similar tactics are utilized in MailChimp and Getresponse. For example, the triggers are more focused based on subscriber score or number of page visits. So, Aweber could definitely improve its Campaigns feature to create a more flexible automation process.

4. Landing Page Builder

Landing pages are strategically placed for data capture. Their format usually consists of a combination of a form, eye-catching images, and a limited amount of text that indicates the benefits you’ll receive if you submit your email address. With an effective landing page, you’ll be able to increase conversion rates significantly. This is because landing pages do not have additional distractions related to navigation or offers.

Luckily, Aweber has a Landing Page Builder which can be utilized to design minimalistic landing pages and used as an advertising tool. The email marketing platform offers more than 40 modern landing page templates. Plus, they are mobile responsive as well. The Landing Page Builder is extremely easy to use where you can add Google Analytics tracking code and Facebook pixel as well.

To edit anything as you prefer you can use the drag-and-drop feature which is in sync with Aweber as it is technically using the same software. With the help of custom domains, you can make the landing page seem like it is a part of your business website.  Also, the Landing Page Builder supports RTL language just like the email editor.

aweber landing page template example
Aweber landing page example

If instead you have a WordPress website or you want to build one, you can easily integrate any Aweber opt-in form directly into your website.

The recommended software to build your own WordPress website is Thrive Suite.

5. Integration with Third-party Apps

Aweber offers integration with thousands of third-party apps including WordPress, Facebook, Shopify, PayPal, Etsy, Zapier, and more. Zapier being the most common third-party app integrator you get to utilize a lot more platforms through it.

However, Aweber does not allow you to import contacts from Gmail or similar third-party address books. It does not offer Google Analytics integration either. If your business requires email marketing to utilize such address books you may have to try other email marketing tools like MailChimp.

Does Aweber Promote Analytics and Reporting?

Aweber does an amazing job at analytics and reporting. On this email marketing platform, you’ll be able to obtain detailed reports even in the Free Plan. Since statistics is an important determining factor on whether your landing pages are working well or not, it’s crucial to obtain a detailed report regularly so that you can make necessary changes if required.

You can obtain reports on Aweber in multiple ways. The reports can be generated in the form of link clicks, email opens, and contact locations. The detailed reports could be in the form of overall data or data trends on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You’ll be able to utilize all this on the Free Plan and if you switch to the Pro Plan you’ll get even better statistical insights which you can use to alter (or not alter) your email marketing tactics.

How Expensive is Aweber?

Aweber is a lot more affordable than its email marketing competitors. You can try out the Free Plan for 30 days after which you’ll have to pay $19 a month for up to 500 subscribers. Once you cross that limit, the monthly price will depend on the number of subscribers portrayed by the below table.

Subscribers Monthly Price
500 $19
2,500 $29
5,000 $49
10,000 $69
25,000 $149

Choose Your Aweber Plan

Aweber Refund Policy

Even though canceling the subscription from the Email Marketing Plan is quite easy, getting a refund is another story. Aweber doesn’t have a fixed Refund Policy so the outcome will be determined based on your case. You can just ask for a refund but how much you get back depends on how the platform reviews your case.

Does Aweber Have a Good Support Team?

An email marketing platform should have a good Support Team to help you figure out on-the-spot issues. Aweber offers three forms of contact to its Support Team that is both fast and helpful: phone, email, and live chat.

Before you try out these, you can also go through Aweber Academy for some self-troubleshooting. Here you’ll have extensive guides and tutorials to walk you through almost anything you might be facing issues with.

If not, you can try email and live chat which is available 24/7. Response time for emails is 10 to 15 minutes which is amazing for this form of communication. You can also hop onto live chat for a quick solution especially if you’re on a time crunch. However, it’s advisable to use Google Chrome when you want to use live chat.

On the other hand, they may not have the best Support Team when it comes to Phones as the communication platform. Even though they are supposed to be available 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time (Monday to Friday) you’ll most likely not be able to reach them easily. Therefore, it’s better to make use of the other two modes of communication.

Connect with customers 24/7 with AWeber Free
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Aweber Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive interface that is easy to use
  • Has an extensive collection of email templates
  • Promotes the creation of landing pages to secure leads
  • Provides you control over user’s choice of single or double opt-in basis
  • Ensures spam protection
  • Offers a 30-day free trial


  • Does not allow the import of subscribers gained from a third-party
  • There’s a charge for unsubscribed contacts
  • Does not promote inclusion or exclusion of multiple segments at once

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Wrapping Up

Aweber offers a great combination of basic features such as file import to advanced features that include full customization of email templates. It ensures full flexibility over your contacts while maintaining easy navigation of every feature an email marketing platform should have.

Plus, its reporting and segmentation performance is noteworthy as well. Whether you have a start-up or a running business, Aweber will fit like a glove for promotional purposes.

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