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Thrive Suite Review 2021: Everything You Need to Know

By Riccardo

May 14, 2021

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Building a website can be extremely overwhelming when you have to put all the pieces together by yourself. The idea of any website and its features are tailored towards converting its visitors to leads and in turn, customers.

Thrive Suite is the perfect platform that presents you with conversion tools and training that you’d need to build the ideal website for your business.

What is Thrive Suite?

Thrive Suite is the evolution of the well-known Thrive Themes WordPress suite that’s popular for conversion-optimized themes and plugins. At present, every product that Thrive Themes has come out with since 2014 is included in the Thrive Suite membership program.

Starting from pop-up builder and page builder to customizable landing pages and opt-in forms, Thrive Suite has every tool you can think of to create beautiful WordPress websites.

All the conversion-focused products are bound to help you build eye-catching websites. No wonder, currently they have more than 107k happy customers. The pricing for each product is $19 per month for a year or $228 per year for every tool.

Thrive Suite Key Products

Let’s look at the key products of Thrive Suite and explore their features in details.

1. Thrive Theme Builder

Theme Builder is the ultimate customization tool for WordPress that helps you replicate features that you’d otherwise have to achieve with the help of a web designer or developer.

Using this, you can complete the simplest tasks including the modification of header, footer, templates, category pages, search pages, and more.

Theme Builder promotes the creation of conversion-focused websites which are responsive to the mobile web as well. The activation and installation of Theme Builder are accompanied by Shapeshift which offers 100 percent customizable features and a pre-designed section suitable for every area of your website.

Plus, the intuitive features can be used to build complex websites without any prior knowledge of web designing.

Thrive Theme Builder Page

2. Thrive Architect

Thrive architect is the most advanced page builder suitable for WordPress. With the availability of a comprehensive collection of pre-designed landing pages, you’ll be able to convert your websites into eye-catching converting pages. The user-friendly drag-and-drop feature can be used to change elements on your website quickly.

You can also integrate striking features such as lead generation forms, buttons, and countdown timers into your website to make them stand out. With Thrive Architect, you can build highly converting sales pages and homepages.

You can also create impressive landing pages and engaging blog posts. Plus, it’s popular for building beautiful webinar pages and product launch pages.

Thrive Architect Turn Your Ideas Into Pages

3. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is the most suitable plugin for the email list and opt-in forms. This powerful building plugin is packed with features including, but not limited to, conversion reports, predesigned form templates, A-B split testing tools, and email form visual editor.

The A-B testing tool is one of the most popular features of Thrive Leads that help you decide which design will work the best based on visitor engagement. There are multiple forms for you to play with including exit-intent lightbox, ribbon, widget, scroll mat, and more.

What’s great about Thrive Leads is that it also offers mobile-specific opt-in forms to enhance the website experience on mobile devices.

4. Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice is tailored towards creating simplistic courses on your websites or blogs. If you’re planning to build a website to offer professional online courses, Thrive Apprentice will be the perfect plugin to make your job effortless.

It helps to build intuitive, learning platforms filled with lessons, chapters, and modules. It’s a cost-effective solution to having full control over what your e-learning platform should look like.

Whether the courses you put on the website are free or paid, you can keep adding as many modules as you like with an easy drag-and-drop feature on Thrive Apprentice.

The sidebar on Thrive Apprentice ensures easy navigation to everything an ideal online education platform should have. Also, you wouldn’t need to high a web developer to create a customized platform for students.

Thrive Apprentice Builds Businesses Online

5. Thrive Optimize

Thrive Optimize is a plugin that complements Thrive Architect for the A-B testing tool. Sometimes choosing the viable feature for your website can be quite nerve-wracking especially if you’re confident about both of them.

Thrive Optimize allows you to run an A-B test to see which option will work better for the website.

Instead of following your intuition, this plugin helps to make the right decision based on design. Ultimately, you’ll be able to create a high-conversion website depending on statistical significance and performance, and not just what you like.

6. Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is catered towards marketers who want to boost leads and sales through their website. It’s the ultimate plugin that will help you sell your products in WordPress.

It uses “scarcity marketing” to increase conversion rates. With Thrive Ultimatum on your website, you can add the lockdown feature which means each visitor will have a countdown on the webpage so everyone will have their own time-limited campaign on your website.

Running a campaign becomes breezy when you use Thrive Ultimatum. Plus, you can choose customizable timer designs that sync perfectly with your website.

7. Thrive Quiz Builder

As the name suggests, Thrive Quiz Builder is the best plugin for creating quizzes, questionnaires, and surveys on your website or blog. The attention-grabbing quizzes on your website will significantly increase traffic.

What’s amazing about this plugin is that you do not need any coding to create even the most complex quizzes. You can fully customize the quizzes with numbers, categories, percentages, and more.

The Power Analytics feature on the plugin tracks the results of the created quizzes or surveys over time. Therefore, you’ll be able to discover the interest of the visitors which will help you achieve higher conversions.

Quiz Builder Builds Beautiful Quizzes

8. Thrive Ovation

Collecting, storing, and displaying your clients’ testimonials will be effortless with Thrive Ovation. Customer feedback is essential to keep your business growing.

This plugin will help to showcase what your existing customers’ love, which in turn, will persuade potential customers who visit your website or blog.

The testimonials can be embedded in the landing pages, and distributed to new customers automatically. All the testimonials will be stored in your WordPress database from where you can choose certain pages where you’d like to display them.

9. Thrive Clever Widgets

Thrive Clever Widgets is a handy plugin that can be utilized to determine where all your widgets will be located on the WordPress website. The display of widgets will be customized according to the conditions you add.

Therefore, every widget can have a different location on your website based on tags and categories.

10. Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments converts your WordPress website into a discussion-driven platform that mimics Reddit-like commenter engagement through upvotes and shares. The default WordPress comment system is not designed to boost engagement as well as the Thrive Comments plugin does.

By using this, you’ll be replacing the default comment system of WordPress which opens up a lot more options for engaging your commenters with a discussion about the products or services that your business offers. You can choose the location of the Thrive Comment plugin on your website based on what works the best for you.

What’s convenient is that the comments will remain on your website even if you decide to remove the plugin. Plus, the best comments can always be put on the top of the feed.  The ultimate goal of Thrive Comments is to convert your commenters to customers, subscribers, and leads.

Thrive Themes Vs. Competitors

Now, let’s go through the factors that play major roles creating comparisons between Thrive Themes and its competitors.

Thrive Themes vs. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes, also known as Divi, is one of the main competitors of Thrive Themes.

Divi is popular among marketers who want to create premium WordPress themes with the help of advanced functionality and support.

Elegant Themes has multiple features that you can relate to the plugins offered by Thrive Themes. For example, it can be integrated into your WordPress website similar to how Thrive Architect works.

Their Bloom feature also copies the functions of Thrive Leads however, the latter is better in terms of customization and flexibility. The yearly membership price of Elegant Themes is $89 which is much lower than that of Thrive Themes. However, Thrive Themes offers multiple features including the A-B testing tool, quiz builder, and course builder which the competitor does not.

Thrive Themes vs. Elementor

Elementor is a great user-friendly option that can help you build the entire theme for your website or blog. Its features are similar to Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder.

Elementor pro version will cost you $49 per year but as you can guess, Thrive Themes offer a lot more if you opt for the membership. For example, Elementor does not have the A-B testing tools or analytics which you can utilize if you went for Thrive Themes.

With that being said, Elementor has all the latest trends which you might want to incorporate into your website. However, Thrive Themes has marketing-friendly features which are tried and tested to be successful in leading to higher conversions. Although Elementor will excel at building your WordPress website it lacks multiple plugins that are quite beneficial for your website or blog.

Thrive Themes vs. Leadpages

Leadpages is a cloud application that focuses on lead generation and landing page formation. It has a very intuitive interface that anybody can navigate and work with easily without any prior web designing knowledge. Unlike Thrive Themes, Leadpages has a feature called “Leadpages Checkouts” which promotes Stripe payments.

If we consider the monthly price, Leadpages cost per month is $48 which is significantly pricier than Thrive Themes ($19). Plus, Thrive Themes has multiple features that are not included in Leadpages such as quizzes, A-B testing tools, scarcity marketing, and more. In comparison, Thrive Themes membership will surely ensure a higher value for money in comparison to Leadpages.

Thrive Themes vs. ClickFunnels

Similar to Leadpages, ClickFunnels is also a cloud application that focuses on designing sales funnels. It’s a powerful platform that offers a built-in payment integration. Priced at $279 monthly membership, ClickFunnels is packed with amazing features including email and affiliate marketing solutions. Since it’s on the cloud, it’s extremely fast to work with.

However, Thrives Themes membership will cost you $19 a month with an array of features that ClickFunnels does not offer. With Thrive Themes you will have total control over what you’re creating since it’s done on WordPress. If you want an all-in-one solution for your website, Thrive Themes is undoubtedly the route to go.

Check the full comparative review: Thrive Suite vs ClickFunnels

Thrive Themes vs. OptimizePress

OptimizePress is suitable for marketers who want to create attractive websites for their businesses.

Thrive Themes and OptimizePress are similar in that sense but the former is focused on multiple plugins for various actions while the latter uses only one plugin to operate.

OptimizePress has elements to help conversion rates in the form of newsletters, sign-ups, and sales. The platform offers 300 eye-catching templates for you to choose from. Plus, it also integrates with other plugins and services.

However, it’s priced at $99 a year for a site license and includes only a partial number of plugin features that Thrive Themes membership will offer you.

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Thrive Themes Pros and Cons

You should have a clear idea about Thrive Suite by now. To help you make an informed decision, we’re listing down the pros and cons of Thrive Themes.


  • Intuitive plugins with no coding necessary
  • Products are easy to sync with other service plugins
  • Ideal for beginners as it has well-documented products
  • Offers great support and assistance (including live chat)
  • Suitable for marketing or affiliate marketing websites
  • Delivers constant addition of better versions of the existing products


  • Expensive if you’re using it for only one/two plugins
  • Works with only WordPress
  • Some plugin files can be quite large

Thrive Themes FAQ

How much is Thrive Themes Membership?

You can get access to all products included in Thrive Suite, by purchasing the Thrive Themes Membership for a monthly fee of $19 (paid yearly). It’s possible to buy individual Thrive Suite products.

What is the Thrive Suite Refund Policy?

Any purchase you make from Thrive Themes is protected by a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to install Thrive Architect in WordPress?

You can install thrive architect in 3 simple steps:

1. Install the Thrive Product Manager from your member dashboard on Thrive Themes website.
2. Look for Thrive Architect in the “Plugins” section of the Thrive Product Manager and make sure to check the “Install product” option
3. Click on the “install selected products” from the bottom-center part of the page. Thrive Architect will get installed and activated and once installation is completed you will see the “Ready to use” status.

Do Thrive Suite Products Integrate With Other Platforms?

All of Thrive Suite’ products integrate well with WordPress plugins and other marketing tools, such as Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Drip and many more.

On top of that Thrive Themes gets regularly updates and releases new features all the time, so other tools might be added.

Wrapping Up

Thrive Suite is targeted towards marketers who want to increase conversions on their business websites. However, it’s suitable for websites that fall under other categories as well since Thrive Suite tools help to boost engagement for any website.

With the effective key products that it offers, you’ll be able to successfully create attractive and high-converting websites and blogs for your business.

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