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ClickFunnels Review 2021: The Most Effective Digital Marketing Tool?

By Riccardo

May 25, 2021

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Landing page builders are becoming an important aspect for marketing and sales, so is ClickFunnels. In 2021, it can be said with ease that digital marketing would not be how it is today without landing page technologies

This is when you should take notice of ClickFunnels. Let us dive into more detail about how ClickFunnels works, how they are so successful and how you can get the best from them.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a platform that lets you build landing pages and use other marketing software as service facilities. They are one of the best landing page creators today with a very high number of satisfied clients. Concerns might arise on their legitimacy, and we don’t blame you if that is the case.

Well, in short, it is legitimate. We will explore this in more detail later. In this review, you will learn about of all the facilities included in ClickFunnels. There are multiple plans and there are different core features across each of these plans. We’ll rate ClickFunnels at a strong 4 stars out of 5. There are flaws present like with all platforms, but let us dive in now.

ClickFunnels Types

These are going to be the three types of services that will be offered by ClickFunnels.

1. Sales Funnels

Understanding Sales Funnels

What exactly is a Sales Funnel? A Sales Funnel is a term that refers to all the steps that are involved in turning a stranger into a customer. ClickFunnels lets you try out such a service if you want to. Let us explain what you can actually do with a Sales Funnel by ClickFunnels.

Consider that you are the owner of a clothing store, and you have an individual walking by it. If they enter your store to at least check it out, they have started the funneling process. This is how the funnel continues to go on, and it ends when the customer has bought a clothing from your store.

2. Lead Generation Funnels

Understanding Lead Generation Funnels

Lead Generation Funnel is a term that can also refer to lead funnels. This is a systematic approach in business and marketing in order to generate more potential customers. You will be funneling your target audience across a few transitional phases until they are comfortable enough to make a purchase.

Is Lead Generation Funneling Worth it?

Hard to answer directly, but to be fair, yes it is. It’s worth it because in today’s online businesses and digital marketing, it is possible to still attract customers through Lead Generation Funneling. There are many clients and customers attracted from Lead Generation Funneling each year still.

3. Event Hosting Funnels

What is an Event Hosting Funnel?

Simply speaking, the name gives it away. Event hosting funnels are funneling architectures in sales that try to promote or sell an event. This can be regarding a show, an exhibition, a concert or just about anything. This type of service is provided by ClickFunnels as well.

Are Event Hosting Funnels worth it?

Usually, not really the case. Event Hosting can be done in other ways nowadays with so many methods available. Event Hosting Funnels have not proven to be particularly effective when compared to Lead Generation or Sales Funnels.

ClickFunnels Key Features

1. Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels provides you with some great templates for your funneling and landing pages. Templates are very important in the context of design because of reusability. You do not want to have to put in the effort to try and build the same design time and again. It is time consuming and it is taxing on your sales.

ClickFunnels lets you choose from their wide array of templates for funnels, and also create your own personal page if that’s what you want. Simply save a page after making a change and when creating a new page, you can use that previously saved template for a new page.

2. Drag & Drop Etison Editor

Known as the Etison Editor, the ClickFunnels Editor is the easiest step you can take to make small changes to predesigned templates. It can also let you edit exactly as you want without having to spend on hiring professional developers.

Furthermore, with the ClickFunnels editor, you can understand and learn the page structures in order to fit your brand. Color adjustment, padding, margins, text sizes, fonts are just some of the features you can customize with the ClickFunnels editor. After the editing, you can make the page go live and see your changes implemented in real life.

the drag & drop editor of ClickFunnels

3. Smart Shopping Carts

You are probably familiar with how shopping carts work if you have ever purchased anything online. With ClickFunnels, you can convince your customers that they have made the smart and right decisions. The other purpose of a ClickFunnels is to collect payment details from all your customers. ClickFunnels shopping cart leads to more conversions with easy and convenient checkouts.

Customers in 2021 prefer buying products online anyways, so this is great to market to them. Amazon and eBay have showed the world how much easier and effective shopping cart technologies work. They are also appropriately affordable unlike other platforms that sell them at very high prices.

4. Affiliate Programs

Are you trying to earn commissions from third party groups? ClickFunnels has also got you covered in that sector. With the Affiliate Program under ClickFunnels, you can get to making money from one of the most popularly used methods in marketing today. First of all, you will need to choose the product you wish to sell. This can be anything you want, from food to luxury cars.

You’ll need a platform that lets you promote these products or services. You should also take note of how often you will be creating new products or adverts. Then ClickFunnels provides you with what you need to do to start marketing!

5. FunnelFlix

All ClickFunnels customers are given access to FunnelFlix. FunnelFlix is a video training platform that covers topics of all kinds. You will need an active ClickFunnels account in order to get started with FunnelFlix. FunnelFlix showcases the different training courses you can take in order to achieve your goals. It will be able to help everyone who has used ClickFunnels before.

Moreover, this gives access to those who want to use ClickFunnels as an educational platform in order to learn the different skills they want or need. FunnelFlix offers customers with Basic and Platinum plans at different prices to access different features.

6. Mobile Optimization

For many users, ClickFunnels’ desktop view will not be enough. They may have a business structure that is more smartphone centric. For businesspersons of this sort, ClickFunnels brings the Mobile Editor in order to optimize the view on your cellphone.

This lets you customize the view that users and customers will be able to see on their mobile, and ensures that the desktop view is not implemented on mobile and vice versa. ClickFunnels lets you switch between Mobile and Page editor views to let you see how your page will be seen on either device. This makes development of your page easy and convenient.

7. A/B Testing Tool

Need to know how you can find the most convenient way to test your web page at ClickFunnels? Look no further. The A/B Testing Tool lets you create a split test page in your funnel. This test page lets you test conversions in two different variations of each of the pages in your funnel.

The steps to follow in this Tool are easy and simple. First, you will need a ClickFunnels Page. You can then create a split test variation or you can duplicate an existing template. Then edit the split test variant. Finally, whichever of the two you like more, you can choose and finalize with that particular one.

8. Powerful Analytics

Segmetrics is the name of the tool that lets you view insights, attribution and overall tracking. Get your grip on the important statistics that you will need to make the most of your marketing funnels. You will need to connect Segmetrics to your ClickFunnels account in order to get started.

Using Segmetrics, you can view lifetime revenue analytics, customer performances and make comparisons between each business year. Moreover, you can compare source performance using tags and other metrics to identify what are the actual factors behind your profits. Segmetrics is reliable and easy to read, because it is made by funneling experts for funneling enthusiasts.

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Who Is the Ideal User of ClickFunnels?


ClickFunnels is used by two types of users, one of them being Freelancers. Freelancers need a platform to make sure that they are making the best of their funneling in order to get maximum profit from their services. This does not matter what you do, from web development to teaching courses online – ClickFunnels can be used to help you take your business to the next step.

You can use funneling in order to attract customers to find the preferable services you provide. There are a wide number of freelancers today who have used ClickFunnels services in order to launch their business to a new level.

Business Owners

This is the second type of user who are most found using ClickFunnels. Business owners, especially new ones, will need the services that ClickFunnels provides. Be it the landing page, the editor mode, the analytics and so on.

With the help of these services from ClickFunnels, business owners have achieved great satisfaction from ClickFunnels. This is evident from how popular they have become over the years.


Consultants who are just starting out have a difficult time to get their name known in their field. Building a social media profile to sell your consultancy skills just is not enough in 2021. This is why a significant number of consultants have found great value in using ClickFunnels.

Attracting customers for your consultancy services is made much easier when you know what you have to do. Amongst consultants, the Segmetrics analytics tool has achieved great popularity. This is mostly due to how consultants needed to check what exactly they have to do to attract more clients.

Brick and Mortar Businesses

For newer brick and mortar businesses such as clothing outlets and coffee stores, they may be able to find success slowly. However, using landing pages and their own website, getting their name across to customers becomes a lot easier.

ClickFunnels makes this very easy to do with their landing page builders. You can customize your web page however you wish in order to get the best out of it.

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Who Should Steer Clear of ClickFunnels?

Businesses that have just started out and do not have the necessity for digital marketing should steer clear of ClickFunnels. It is a bit difficult to understand whether you actually need digital marketing or not. Local mechanic stores are just an example of a business that can make steady money without landing pages or digital marketing.

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels pricing policies are a little on the higher end. There are three pricing options that you can choose from.

Standard Plan

For the standard plan, you can make and share funnels with others. You can make up to 20 different funnels and keep them. Up to 100 subpages can be designed inside each funnel. You can set up 1 team member with administration authorities.

Payment gateways are restricted to just 3. You can use chat support as a standard user and also have standard access to FunnelFlix. This plan is priced at $97/month.

Platinum Plan

The platinum plan is priced at $297/month. Unlimited number of pages is provided for this. 3 administrators can be assigned and a total of 9 payment gateways can be given. Worried about domains? Do not, as 9 domains are made accessible to platinum users. You will receive priority chat support and FunnelFlix and get top notch service from them.

Two Comma Club

The two comma club is an enterprise style ClickFunnels service that is priced at $2,497/month. Everything given under the platinum plan is available and more.

You can assign up to 10 administrators and you will have access to 27 different payment gateways. 27 domains will also be made available to you. And most importantly, all the other services are unlimited in this plan.

new clickfunnels pricing

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons


  • Great for new businesses trying to succeed through digital marketing
  • Edit your web pages as you choose with the Etison editor
  • Go through your analytics and find out where your clients peak best
  • Different plans accessible for the different needs you might have


  • A little higher on the end of the pricing points in this criteria
  • Customer service is not very good for standard users

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Wrapping Up

All in all, ClickFunnels is a great platform for people who are starting out businesses. The world of digital marketing is challenging but it is made easier by platforms such as ClickFunnels. You can lift up your business from its starting phases to a more enthusiastic, advanced position by driving it forward. So if any of the features have attracted you and the cons have not driven you away, consider joining up ClickFunnels.


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