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Thrive Suite vs ClickFunnels: A Comparative Review

By Riccardo

June 26, 2021

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In this review we compare Thrive Suite vs Clickfunnels, two sales funnel builder softwares.

Businesses work very different from how they used to a decade ago. Today, most businesses rely heavily on websites, webpages, and online traffic for their income and success. There are multiple services of this sort who will assist you in generating more traffic for your pages. Thrive Suite and ClickFunnels are two of the prominent platforms among them.

Lead generation has become essential today, so it’s important to choose which service is better. Let’s find out which is best for lead generation in our Thrive Suite vs. ClickFunnels comparison. 

About Thrive Suite

Thrive Suite, parented by the name Thrive Themes is a WordPress collection of tools. The goal of this platform is to make sure that visitors are being turned into either leads, or customers.

Thrive Themes was founded by a business expert, Shane Melaugh, and a tech enthusiast Paul McCarthy. Their idea works really well because it was able to find the right balance in the tech that was needed to make business convenient, and the knowledge that was needed to make business reasonable.

About ClickFunnels

All your landing page building issues, solved in one place. That is what ClickFunnels is all about. We understand that may be a little vague, so we will be going deeper into the processes involving ClickFunnels. This platform makes it easier for entrepreneurs and businesses to sell their products and services online.

They use a complicated marketing technology, known as sales funnels. These are processes that turn visitors to your website into customers. A sales funnel is a flowchart of all the steps that a user follow in order to become a customer.

Why Thrive Suite?

Thrive Themes is a suite of products that ultimately tries to increase the traffic to your website. Their products include Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads and also Thrive Suite. The policy of providing all in one business modules, let you make a nice website and turn all visitors into leads and customers.

Thrive Suite is a program with a membership structure. It provides you with the necessary tools and the training that you might need to start growing your business online. Since 2013, Thrive Suite has come a long way. They contain a lot of great features that we are going to discuss in detail.

Thrive Architect Turn Your Ideas Into Pages

Dashboard (Thrive Suite)

The Thrive Dashboard will display all your account details and membership reports. There are guidelines and instructions that you can follow to install products for your WordPress site. The Dashboard is segmented into many separate partitions on the menu on the right side.

It consists of the main homepage, the account and installation section, a button to let you get started with the basics too. There are many other sub sections here on this menu, but they are mostly here to assist you in the long run. Any kind of confusion that you might have regarding this platform, you will probably be able to seek assistance or guidelines regarding it.

The Forum Archive exists to let you question the customer support team directly. You can receive replies from experts who work for the platform. Customer care is quite decent and thus the forum is very active. It is very likely that you will find solutions to problems that you are facing before

Product Manager

The Product Manager on the Thrive Suite is just a WordPress plugin or add-on. The main purpose that it is present there is to let you install or access different types of Thrive products. It should be noted that products of this sort can be accessed within the WordPress dashboard only.

It lets you get started off the bat by logging into your Thrives Themes account. You can navigate to your Membership Dashboard and select the Thrive Product Manager plugin. You will then be prompted to sign in to the WordPress administration area, and finally be able to upload the plugin you were trying to and have downloaded.

Now that you have the option to log in, do it and you will be able to connect to the license which links to your website. This step completed means that you can install whatever Thrive product you want on your account!

Theme Builder

In case you are worried about designing your pages and website, you can take it easy. Thrive Suite provides you with the Theme Builder which lets you design and develop your WordPress website without needing to hire separate designers or developers. Sounds too good to be true? Let us understand why that is not the case.

Websites can be difficult to design if you are not familiar with this art. The structures and framework of a website can help you decide how you should organize it. Theme Builder makes things very easy by providing you with templates and tools that let you customize according to your will. By the time you are done, the difference will not really be noticeable.


Thrive Suite’s plugins are a prominent feature in the Thrive Themes platform. This lets you access all the conversion-focused plugins instantly that are in context of WordPress. All the work that you have done is going to work together seamlessly in order to let you take your online business to the next level.

Thrive Suite’s Architect page builder is a tool that lets you visualize the pages that you will be attempting to build. Turn all your ideas into reality using website templates, content and layouts. Of course, we cannot get the most important ingredient – creativity!

Thrive Leads makes marketing with emails easier. All the emails you might need to send out can be sent in a short period of time using this feature. Next up is the Quiz Builder, which lets you make complicated and interesting quizzes. These are meant to attract the eye of the customer and they do not even need to know how to code!

Why ClickFunnels?

Well, instead of answering this question too directly, let us do it in a multitude of ways. Let’s dive in.

Sales Funnel Templates

Since you know now what a sales funnel is, can you imagine having to make one from scratch every time? This is why ClickFunnels brings you the ability to make funnels from templates. It does not matter if you need a sales funnel for launching a new product or signing up for a subscription, you will be able to find all kinds of templates for sales funnels.

Funnel templates are going to appear categorized to you in order of their success. This includes over 8 different types of templates, and each made for fulfilling a different purpose. The goal of all the templates is the same, to have the visitor go to a landing page.

Editor (Drag and Drop)

This one is in the name, you can create business landing pages using drag and drop editing. This means you do not need any kind of coding or programming skills, and you can go ahead with about 40 templates to customize from.

Shared Funneling

Share Funnel is a feature that lets you create and share a link to your funnel manually. There are some users who will join the ClickFunnels affiliate program in order to make some extra cash. They will be doing this by promoting products or services.

There are others who use ClickFunnels to build and share landing pages with customers and clients. Share funnel URLS will be able to get you a discount of up to 40%.

the drag & drop editor of ClickFunnels

Thrive Suite vs. ClickFunnels: Best for Lead Generation

We have had a brief yet thorough understanding of both Thrive Suite and ClickFunnels now. To answer the question of which is better, let’s compare them with one another.

The two are very lucrative and efficient platforms for online businesses. They can turn visitors to pages that you control or own, and ultimately turn them into customers or clients. There are some differences however, pretty major ones. Seemingly, these are the differences that will ultimately decide which is better for lead generation.

Thrive’s Technicalities

While Thrive Suite is great, it has a very technical centric view of business. This means that veterans in the online business field will be able to make good use of Thrive Suite. The issue with Thrive Suite is that while good, it can be costly in comparison with other plugin or theme managers. Businesses online are often just starting out. This means that they will not have the budget necessary to get something from Thrive.

Moreover, Thrive’s technical aspect narrows down the amount of users that it could potentially attract. Not surprisingly, a lot of online business experts will not choose to familiarize themselves with WordPress and its editing features and just want to start into business. It is much easier to use templates with small edits than use WordPress to make major updates to web pages. This is another issue with Thrive Suite.

However, this does not mean that Thrive is bad. Thrive is simply for those online business groups who have the time and effort to understand the modules and tools it provides. If this can be done, there are likely chances that the Thrive Suite will prove better in action against ClickFunnels.

The Simplicity of ClickFunnels

The thing with ClickFunnels that makes it so good is that it is accessible easily. ClickFunnels provides you with templates and blueprints for all the landing pages you might want. Moreover, most of them are already tested in the current market. This adds to their credibility.

So all in all, ClickFunnels is actually the better of the two in terms of usability and accessibility. It is the superior among the two because it is and will continue to generate more success as a platform of this sort.

This is branched from the fact that you do not really need to do much with ClickFunnels itself, but more with your own content. Unlike Thrive, you are not required to have any technical knowledge beforehand to get into using ClickFunnels.

Pros and Cons

Thrive Suite


  • A lot of tutorials in video and text forms for the platform
  • All themes and plugins are open to users after sign up
  • A properly structured knowledge base on the platform


  • Requires some background knowledge on web technologies
  • Customer requests are not really categorized properly
  • Very costly when compared to other programs like this



  • Allows you to get to work very fast and quick
  • Allows you to choose from a large number of templates
  • Easy to implement into the web with mobile design


  • Loading speed is not very good
  • Uploading images can result in buggy flaws
  • Phone support is not very good

Personal Opinions

From our personal opinions, ClickFunnels is the better service to go for. It will be easier to understand no matter who you work with when compared to Thrive Suite. Moreover, it is more cost friendly and you can view the success of each landing page before you buy one.

clickfunnels page example


How complicated is Thrive Suite?

Thrive Suite is just like any web page building tool. It makes use of WordPress. It requires you to have some knowledge about webpages. Aside that, it is easy to use and quick to learn.

Is ClickFunnels reliable?

ClickFunnels is absolutely reliable and this is evident from the large number of users that they have. Moreover, they also provide you with customer’s opinions on their web page which just shows their clarity

How much success can I be assured with either of these services?

None! You will not be able to rely on ClickFunnels or Thrive Suite for your success. This is solely dependent on the content you will provide. These services can only boost your performance or income.


We hope this article was helpful for you and has given you some insight. Both ClickFunnels and Thrive Suite are decent and user friendly, but we believe that the first is the superior of the two because is more open to new users.


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