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How To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers

By Riccardo

August 2, 2018

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In this blog post you will see how to start your dropshipping store and how to find the best dropshipping suppliers for your business. You will learn the easiest way to start a business online and how to make money thanks to this.

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Dropshipping and Dropshipper

What Is Dropshipping?

If you want start your own online business with a very low budget, dropshipping it’s a good way to start.

Dropshipping is a type of business in which you don’t need to stock the products, but you purchase the products from a third party supplier only in the moment you receive an order.

Once you get the order, you send it to your supplier who will send the product directly to your customer.

Amazing, isn’t it?

What is a DropShipper?

The DropShipper is basically the Dropshipping company from who you buy the products once you get the orders. It means that once you own your online store, the DropShipper is your wholesaler, meanwhile you are the retailer. The products you order from your supplier will be then shipped to your customer.

How Do I Make Money From Dropshipping?

First of all you need to find a niche. Even if it sounds difficult in fact it’s not.

A niche is a segment of a bigger market, where people are seeking for specific needs. What you need to do is to understand what that needs are and try to create a valuable offer for them. For example, if you choose the pet niche, then you could build a dropshipping store where you sell all items related to dogs and cats.

Once you have your niche, you need to build your online store.

The most common places where to start selling are Ebay or Amazon. They are for sure a good option if you want to leverage them platforms, but if you want to build your own customized store you may want to look for a different solution.

You can create an online store with Shopify or SaleHoo Store, in this way you avoid to pay the typical fees when sell your products on Ebay or Amazon.

Then you need to find a supplier that produces the products you want to sell and make a deal to have the best price possible.

Once you have a deal with the supplier you can sell the products on your store and mark-up the prices to make a profit (usually by 10-50%).

As said, you just need to wait that an order has been placed and send it to your supplier that will ship the product to your customer.

How do I find Dropshippers?

Online you can find a lot of websites where are listed thousands of suppliers, mostly from China. Of course there are a lot of good suppliers which you can trust, but not always you will be lucky and when you’re just starting you want to find the best ones.

There are dropshippers in China that can’t be trusted, because they will take your money and not send you the items or just ship the wrong ones.

That’s why you need a platform you can trust and the easiest way to find the best dropshippers (or suppliers) is through SaleHoo.

find the best dropshipping suppliers at SaleHoo

SaleHoo is an online directory where are listed over 8,000+ dropshippers, wholesalers or liquidators. All of them are verified and trusted by SaleHoo, so you will make deals with the best dropshipping suppliers on the market.

Suppliers are your business partners, so it’s crucial to find the right ones if you want to succeed with your online store. Thanks to the directory available on SaleHoo you are able to search and find between thousand of products that are right for your niche.

Who Is Dropshipping For?

Let’s summarize what we said until now.

Dropshipping is a very easy business model for who wants to start a business online and build an online store.

If you are new to the world of e-commerce, it’s the easiest way to start.

There are less costs and less risks than a normal e-commerce business. You just list the products on your online store and once you receive an order from your customer, you forward it to your supplier. You pay the supplier and the product will be shipped directly to your customer.

What do you need to start:

  • Niche: you can start choosing a niche related to a passion you have or whatever you like and try to understand the needs of that niche.
  • Online Store: you can start selling products on Ebay or Amazon directly on them platforms or use a software such as SaleHoo Store to build your own store.
  • Supplier: you need a good supplier, verified and with good products, that will be crucial to grow your online store.

Where to look for the best dropshipping suppliers?

At SaleHoo you will find the best dropshipping suppliers, verified by the platforms and ready to help scaling your business.

Try to search for suppliers that are already few years in the business, especially on Salehoo.

In this way you will be sure to find the best dropshipping suppliers at the moment.

Check for the ones that are selling products related to your niche and check the reviews they have. With over 8,000 suppliers on SaleHoo you’ll find for sure the right one for you.



Choosing the best dropshipping suppliers is the key to avoid useless expenses and start to make profit.

Regardless if you decide to open your own online store or you want to start selling on an existing marketplace, you need suppliers that you can trust.

Finding one of them trough the web can be long and tiring, as well as expensive.

If you want to start make profit soon,  I recommend you to look for it at You will get all the support that you need to start your dropshipping business.

Moreover you can follow this Shopify dropshipping guide, to discover more about how to launch your dropshipping business.

Hope you’ll take the best decision for you, see you soon in a next post. Ciao!


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