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AWeber vs GetResponse: Which One is the Best?

By Riccardo

July 19, 2021

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In our everyday life, we check our emails thousands of times. It has become a habit. We often wait for new ones and at other times we just stare at the old, read emails. But have you noticed something? When the emails have an eye-catching and engaging format, you just automatically check it out. It feels like you are bound to read it.

No, it’s not magic. It’s a simple little thing called email marketing. This is how companies sell their products. AWeber and GetResponse are two of the most efficient platforms to do it. So, let’s know more about them in our AWeber vs GetResponse article.

About AWeber

AWeber started small. The founder, Randy Cassingham one day realized how tedious it was to send emails and newsletters. It would take him days to finally finish it. He wondered if there was something that could automate the whole process.

Since then, Randy with his team of professionals has created a masterpiece. AWeber is a cost-effective way to do email marketing. Rather than incorporating new techniques, the service provides old-school strategies. It’s a platform recommended by millions. So why not try it out?

About GetResponse

GetResponse,” the name of the platform reveals the gimmick about it. Yes, you thought it right. It’s a platform to get fast responses from customers. GetResponse has a plethora of tools and features to provide the user everything under one roof. The user interface is mind-blowing.

The most important aspect of GetResponse is that all the tools are fairly easy to use. Therefore, you don’t have to be a technical wizard. It’s a polished and versatile platform to solve all your email marketing worries.

AWeber vs GetResponse: Common Features

When you search for AWeber in any search engine, you will also find results for GetResponse. This gives us a good idea of how similar these two platforms are. So, without further ado, let’s check out the common features of AWeber and GetResponse.

Price Comparision

The first thing everyone looks for while purchasing something is the price. A major turnoff for most people is the service being too expensive. But thankfully, both these platforms are quite affordable.

In this competitive market where everybody is looking to surpass their opponent, it’s hard to find something free. No company is that generous. But Aweber has a free plan. But as you might’ve guessed the AWeber’s free plan isn’t fully featured. You will have a limited amount of options.

So what are the features of the free plan? Well, it’s not much but you can’t expect a lot from a free service. The plan gives you 500 subscribers, 3000 emails per month and you’ll have only one list profile.

You can’t be sure of anything without trying it out. That’s why Getresponse gives you access to full features without asking about your credit cards. You can try it out for 30 days to check for yourself if the service is worth it not.

There are 3 plans in GetResponse. If we compare it side to side with AWeber, the price is a little cheap. The AWeber pro version will cost you about $29 while the GetResponse basic version costs $25.

The plus version of GetResponse will cost you $59. It’s basically the normal version but with additional features. It has amazing webinars, automatic building. Last but not least is the professional version of GetResponse. This plan will provide you unlimited automation, and webinar funnels. Can you believe that? You can try out millions of things to get your email marketing picture perfect. But it will cost you a fair bit of money. The price is $119 per month.

aweber pricing table
AWeber pricing table


The dashboard is the user’s companion. This is the first thing they notice when they enter any email marketing platform. That’s why It needs to be highly functional otherwise the service won’t be effective.

GetResponse has a pretty standard dashboard. When you go to the dashboard, everything is aligned and organized in a mannered way. But the fun part is that you can rearrange and customize it to your preference.

You can also drop widgets to make it more amazing. In the top part of the dashboard, you can check the automation and campaigns. There you will also be able to see the webinars.

You can also see your up-to-date workflows and responses. This is a handy feature to have. There you can see how many people have clicked on your sent emails. You can even add widgets for specific loading pages. So, if you want to put a landing page somewhere, you can keep creating unlimited widgets and see how they are going. The dashboard is colorful and easy on the eye.

On the other hand, AWeber has a clean, smooth dashboard. You can easily see the lists of your email. Here is an interesting aspect of Aweber. Think for a second. How many platforms show the number of unsubscribers?

Most of them show the subscriber amount but none of them show the number of people unsubscribing. In AWeber, you can see how many people subscribed and how many unsubscribed.

You can create your own list and manage them with ease. AWeber also gives you all the tools to track the statistics. It’s simple and straightforward.

some of aweber's features
Some of AWeber’s features

Third-Party Integrations

Say what you will but third-party integrations are a must when you are trying to be ahead of everyone. Sometimes the software or the platform isn’t enough. You need to go a few extra miles to get to the top.

Want to know the secret of how billionaires and successful people remain to be rich and successful? They multitask and use whatever tools necessary to get the job done. That’s why extra tools can open new doors to your email marketing campaign. That’s why both AWeber and GetResponse lets you connect with third-party integrations. You can connect with your WordPress website or blogs to make the best use of the service.

Newsletters and email

It all comes down to this. The functionality of a marketing platform depends on how it creates and sends emails. The companies success relies on this. let’s check how it works.

Both AWeber and GetResponse pass this test with flying colors. There are a lot of options and tools you can use to make the finest emails worth dying for. You can use a wide range of editing tools, drag and drop options to customize your emails. If you don’t want to put much effort, you can simply pick one of the thousands of templates the sites offer. There are versatile templates to choose from.

All in all, both platforms have amazing functionality when it comes to newsletters and emails. If you use them both, then you will notice hardly any difference. They both work the same way. There’s only one bummer. At the end of the email, they will stick their watermark. But they are doing so much work that this little token of appreciation can be permitted. Right?


If you have any idea about affiliate and email marketing, you realize the value of automation. You can’t just manually send emails after emails.  It will take an eternity. Also, when you manually do it, several issues will occur. That’s why automation goes a long way.

Both these platforms have an exceptional automation process. You can fix the timing and the number of recipients. Also you can control the workflow. Imagine a scenario. You have written a phenomenal email and automated it to send it to multiple recipients every 7 days. But what happens when they don’t open it? Well, you can even solve this issue with AWeber and GetResponse.

Set another extra command for situations like this and you’re done. If the email gets ignored, you can automate it to send it after a certain time. This way the recipients can’t ignore for long. The automation system is just out of this world.

AWeber vs GetResponse: Distinct Features

Landing Page

GetResponse has limitless features to customize landing pages. The platform has a “drag and drop” editor which means you can grab and drop icons anywhere you want. The most fascinating part is that you won’t have to code for it separately. GetResponse will do it for you. You won’t have to put any extra effort to fix things. In most platforms, the spacing and the margins need to be sorted out by the user. It’s quite a lengthy process and tough for beginners. But in GetResponse you don’t have to do anything.

AWeber is quite old-fashioned. It has traditional, outdated editing tools. They do the job but aren’t nearly as ergonomic compared to GetResponse. In AWeber, you have to create your own container.

You might be asking what’s the big deal about creating a container. Well, it’s a nightmare to pull it off. On top of that, you have to create your element. Also, the functions are limited. You cant overlap the pictures. All in all, things get chaotic.

aweber landing page template example


View Page

This is where you make up your mind about which platform to choose. So, the view page is very important. But sadly, in AWeber, you can’t see the mobile view or the thank you page. Aweber doesn’t have any of it. The only page you can see is the preview page. But is that enough? We will let you decide.

On the other hand, you can see the thank you page in GetResponse. Also, it shows you the variation page. You can spill test it to see the function of the view page. Also, the mobile view option works like a charm.

There are a lot of programmers who like to see the Html tags to confirm themselves. That’s why GetResponse lets users see the Html data. The platform gives you all the metadata you want to make the best out of it. On the contrary, AWeber hardly offers anything.


GetResponse is by far the most versatile platform out there. It offers thousands of templates and tools to choose from. Not just that, it has three distinct plans with different prices. You can even customize your own plan. What more can you ask for?


We are not here to sugarcoat you into trying these platforms. We are discussing this from a neutral point of view. That’s why let us show you some negative points of both these platforms. Users have complained that these platforms charge fees even after canceling the subscription. Another major con is that emails are oftentimes seen as spam. Therefore, they won’t show in the news feed. Sometimes they send your email address along with the email. These are the things that need to be improved for both platforms. We hope they fix them and incorporate new, exciting features in their servers.

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AWeber vs GetResponse: Which One is the Best?

GetResponse is the superior email marketing platform. You have so many tools to experiment with. You can create amazing landing pages. On top of that, you can view your email in every sort of way possible. So, without a doubt, GetResponse wins.


Is GetResponse a CRM?

CRM is part of the huge arsenal of services that GetResponse provides.

How Do I create a GetResponse account?

It’s easy. To start the trial version, all you need to do is provide your credentials. After accepting the terms and conditions, you can use GetResponse.

Does AWeber have any pop-ups?

AWeber is completely pop-up-free. The only time you will see them is in the loading pages. That’s it.

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Final Thoughts: AWeber vs GetResponse

And we’re at the end of our AWeber vs GetResponse comparison. Emails are valuable assets when it comes to digital marketing. People check their emails every day. If you come up with the right strategy and timing, they won’t be able to resist noticing your email.

That’s why Aweber and GetResponse are providing services to get the attention of millions of people. Soon, your company will reach tremendous heights. 


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