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Best Way To Make Money Online – How To Get Started

By Riccardo

December 28, 2019

Despite the fact there are tons of ways to start making money online, here I want to show you the best way to make money online, in order to start a legit online business.

Keep reading to discover what’s my favorite way and why I recommend it to you, if you’re a beginner.

best way to make money online

How To Start Making Money Online

Whether you want to become your own boss, start a side hustle, or earn extra money on the side, then here you’ll find some tips to help achieve your goals.

Making money online can be very exciting but on the other hand requires time and efforts.

If you believe in get-rich-quick schemes, then this is not for you.

Ideas For A Side Hustle

Have a skill you can monetize? Start by looking at what you’re already doing and what you’re good at.

These are few ideas for a side hustle online:

  • Start a blog
  • Open an eCommerce store
  • Become a freelance
  • Open an Instagram page or a YouTube channel
  • Become an online coach

Don’t overthink the whole process, keep learning, adapt to changes, experiment, and you will find your way out.

There are tons of ways to start a side hustle, these are just common ones to get started.

Don’t invest more than what you can afford, of course a basic financial rule is to spend less than you earn.

If you are interested in more ways to start your own online business, check out 9 realistic ways to start making money online.

Best Way To Make Money Online As A Beginner

From my point of view, if you wish to build a consistent income stream in the long-term, the best way to start making money online is without doubt affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products, in order to earn a commission every time someone buys those products.

There are 4 main parts involved:

  • affiliate network
  • merchant
  • affiliate marketer (or publisher)
  • customer

An affiliate network is a website that collects offers from different merchants and gives you the possibility to start promoting those offers to an audience.

Therefore, you become an affiliate marketer and your main goal is to send those customers to the sales page of an offer, through your affiliate link. Once they complete the purchase, you’ll get a commission.

How To Start With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a simple process of 6 steps, let’s have a short look to each step.

Choose A Niche

Start by looking to niches in which you are interested or passionate and check if there is a potential to make a profit.

Use a tool such as Google Trends, to find out which keywords are popular in the niche you want to choose.

Find Products To Promote

You need to apply for an affiliate program, such as Amazon Associates, or sign up for an affiliate network, such as ClickBank, and look for products related to your niche.

Build A Website Or Blog

The best way to start promoting those products is through a website or blog.

In fact, you can start almost for free and you don’t to spend in advertising at the beginning, because you will rank optimize your site for search engines in order to be found (SEO).

What you need to start is a domain name and a hosting service.

Try to choose a domain name that reflects the main topic of your site or niche.

Personally I host my websites on SiteGround.

Post Content

Start posting content regularly, at least once a week at the beginning.

You’ll place your affiliate links inside your content, blog posts or pages, and start driving traffic to the affiliate offers.

Drive Traffic

As I mentioned before, the best way to start driving traffic for free is through SEO (search engine optimization).

People are already looking for a solution to their problems.

Therefore, write your content aiming for long-tail keywords with low competition and you’ll see that slowly your posts will start ranking higher in the search engines.

This means free traffic to your website.

Make Sales

Your traffic will grow and more people will be interested in what you have to say.

Consequentially, you’ll get more clicks to your affiliate links, more sales and eventually more commissions.

how does affiliate marketing work

Recommended Resource To Start

Not sure where to start? Let me introduce you my recommended resource that will teach you how to start making money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing course and it’s a community of more than 1 million internet entrepreneurs.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) offers you:

  • Step-by-step training: how to set up your website from scratch and build a profitable business
  • All-in-One Platform: all essential tools & resources for your online business (e.g. website builder, web hosting, keyword research tool…)
  • Comprehensive Support System: get help 24/7
  • Amazingly Active & Helpful Community

And you know what? You can start for free (no credit card required).

With the Free Membership you get access to the first level of the training course, called Online Certification Course, including two full courses of 10 lessons each.

You will be able to create 2 free websites with SiteRubix and try out Jaaxy, the keyword tool inside the platform.

Many other training platforms literally charge you thousands of dollars for similar training. If you are just getting started, it can become difficult when you don’t know what you’re getting for the money you spend.

After that, if you decide to go Premium you get the full Wealthy Affiliate training and resources with no upsells.

Considering that the yearly premium membership is only $29/month, there is no comparison with any other affiliate marketing training out there.

If you wish to know more, check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review.


The secret to make money online is consistency.

You’ll not get what you want just in few days or months but a year from now you’ll be happy you started.

If you’re a beginner, I strongly recommend you to start with affiliate marketing.

You don’t need previous experience nor technical knowledge.

You can get started with little to no money.

By promoting other’s people products you don’t need to take care of customer service.

There is no better time than today to start something. Thanks to internet we can create a business and start making money directly from home.

In case of any questions or doubts, feel free to leave a comment below.

Overall, if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, you can get in contact directly with me inside the platform.

Hope you enjoyed this post, wish you all the best!



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