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High Ticket Dropshipping Products: Is It Worth Selling Them?

By Riccardo

July 17, 2019

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If you are new to the world of e-commerce, you are probably trying to understand whether or not it’s worth to build a store around high-ticket dropshipping products.

The answer is yes and in this blog post you will see what are the differences between low-ticket and high-ticket products and why it’s worth it.

What is High-Ticket Dropshipping?

High-ticket dropshipping excludes all the products that costs below $200.

From the perspective of an e-com owner it means selling products whose value is equal or greater than $200 and where the profit margin is around 30-40%.

In fact, there is not a standardized definition of high-ticket products, as in some case people may refer to products which retail price is $1000 or more.

Generally, I would say that each product that allows you to keep a profit of 30% or more and which is not an impulse buy, can be considered as an high-ticket product to dropship.

Why You Should Dropship High-Ticket Items?

Easy, because they make you more money.

Of course, we cannot say that this is the only reason, but considering the high cost of advertising and the increasing amount of competitors, when you are just starting out this will make all the difference.

Not to mention that having a high profit margin will allow you to invest more in your marketing efforts and be able to grow the value of your brand.

Starting a dropshipping business, in fact, is easier and cheaper than many other business models but at the same time is not that easy to become profitable, at least at the beginning.

Low vs High Ticket Products

Let’s compare two different products to understand better the difference between low-ticket and high-ticket dropshipping products.

difference between high-ticket dropshipping and low-ticket dropshipping products

The benefits of low-ticket products would be:

  • Easy to ship
  • There’s huge demand
  • Plenty of styles and variation

At the same time the characteristics of high-ticket products would be:

  • They’re large
  • Heavy to ship
  • Expensive
  • There’s a smaller market

Because of that, most people will end up choosing low-ticket products when they’re getting into eCommerce and dropshipping, especially. For instance cell phone cases or fidget spinners , in any case whatever is trendy at the moment.

In the following table, anyway, you can see what’s the main difference between the models and why it’s probably worth to start with a high-ticket product.

comparison between unit sold and profit margin in dropshipping

How To Find High-Ticket Products to Dropship?

First thing that you need to keep in mind is that unlike low-ticket products research, there are no sites such as EcomHunt or NicheScraper that could provide you ideas regarding high-ticket products.

You can always have a look at AliExpress or similar websites to get an idea of the niche to choose, but finding a good high-ticket product is not that immediate.

Remember that some high ticket products will be much easier to sell than others, so I recommend you to focus on a steady niche that get consistent sales all over the year.

Looking through less popular product categories might help you to find products with less competition.

Overall, the best way to find good high-ticket products, it’s by visiting big departmental stores and malls, taking notes and making a in-depth analysis of products which are trending and that are getting maximum sales.

Make a list of every single product that costs $200 or more and then, comparing few of them, you’ll have already an idea of the niche that you can possibly choose.

Focus on necessities and target those who need them and once you are ready find the best dropshipping suppliers for your products.

Benefit and Disadvantages of High-Ticket Dropshipping

After the comparison of the two products before, we can easily say that selling high-ticket dropshipping products makes you more money (unit solds vs profit) but there are many other benefits to create an online store with high-ticket products.

The main benefits are:

  • Higher profit margin
  • Less sales needed to be profitable
  • Same amount of work than a low-ticket store
  • Fewer orders to process
  • Less customers, so less customer service
  • More money to invest in paid traffic
  • Easier to build a brand that can be sold in the future

Even if it sounds too good to be true, in order to be completely honest, here few of the downsides of selling a high-ticket dropshipping product:

  • Usually large items
  • Heavy products to ship
  • More expensive
  • Small market
  • People have to trust your brand

If you’ve ever been in sales or customer service before, you know that 1,000 customers a month is enough to have a headache and for sure you need a full team to support your operations.

On the other hand, if you have just 10 sales a month, you can easily handle that on your own. In other words, you’ll be making the same amount of money as the person doing low-ticket dropshipping or even more but with much less work to do.

How To Start Your Own High-Ticket Dropshipping Store?

One unavoidable fact of marketing is that high-priced products are more difficult to sell.

This is true of all sales models, not just dropshipping, however, the higher profit margins allow you to have a larger budget for advertising and other marketing efforts.

There are many steps you need to take to get started, let’s do a recap:

  • Research a niche
  • Pick up a good business name
  • Find good dropshipping suppliers
  • Open your own Shopify store
  • Launch paid traffic campaigns
  • Manage orders and customer service
  • Automate and outsource your business

These are the main important steps in order to build a successful high-ticket dropshipping store.

If you are still unsure whether or not this the right option for you, go through my Shopify Dropshipping Guide in 3 simple steps.

You’ll get a better idea on how easy it is to start a dropshipping store, even with a low budget.

If you are ready, open your Shopify account for free (14-day free trial, no credit card required) and become an e-commerce owner 😉

Hope you find this blog post valuable, please share it with other like-minded people.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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