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How to Sell Products Online: A Beginner-Friendly Guide

By Riccardo

June 7, 2021

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Launching an online business, as uncomplicated as it may appear, is enough to make you sweat if you don’t know how to sell products online.

Selling your products online necessitates planning, patience, and perseverance. And if you stick to these standards, it won’t be difficult for you.

If you’re committed to learning how to sell products online, we’ll lead you through each step and dimension before dropping you off at your preferred e-commerce platform. Let’s get started on how to sell products online without further ado!

What Products Should You Sell on the Internet?

Let’s figure out what products you wish to sell!

You should acquaint yourself with the kind of products you can offer online before starting an online business. Basically, there are two main categories of products these days:

People will be eager to acquire commoditized products if they are either essential or trendy.

Niche-based products concentrate a specialized target demographic for a single product category.

Many store owners are selling both commodities and niche products. As a consequence, they don’t have to consider which category to choose, allowing them to profit from a wide margin. You can choose the scale of the products with which you chose to establish your e-commerce business.

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How to Sell Products Online: Choose the Right Customer Base

We’ve put up a list of resources to help you figure out what kind of products could be right for you. These methods of research will not only offer you information about the products but also about its target market. So let’s get this ball rolling!

1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a terrific method to see what products are popular in your community and surrounding areas. The most frequently searched item on Google generates the results over time. You may select your region and see which products are in high demand currently, allowing you to tailor your marketplace accordingly.

2. Google Keyword Research

Keyword research can give you a better idea of how prominent your product is. When you enter your product’s name into Google’s Keyword Analysis tool, you’ll obtain information on how many people search for it each month and how competitive the keywords are.

As a rule of thumb, avoid products with less than 300 monthly searches because there is less appetite for them in the market.

3. Online Forums

Online forums are quite useful for learning about a customer’s preferences and objections. This, we believe, is a more practical route of learning about their preferences for specific products. As a result, you’ll be able to organize your products more efficiently and make a planned step toward internet marketing.

Consider Successful Businesses As Your Mentor

The prime reason that successful businesses outperform others in the competition is that they accumulate information on a variety of products on a routine basis.

They conduct extensive research and discover which products are hot in the marketplace currently. As a result, you may always visit their website and check what products are available on their product listings.

Even better, newspapers and magazines can be a valuable resource for determining what major companies are offering through marketing.

Some products are naturally more expensive than others. It means that if you want to sell them online, you’ll have to commit a substantial amount of money to bulk purchases from retailers. It’s worth mentioning since selling products online entails more than just picking and choosing. So, before deciding on a market, be sure you’re ready to invest.

How to Source Products to Sell Online

It’s time to seek for a location from where you can reach out to your products once you’ve chosen the right products and their customer base. We’ve highlighted a few popular sources where you may get your selected products easily.

1. Manufacturers

If you browse enough, you’ll find a plethora of top-rated manufacturers with whom you may do business. They’re ready to produce, seal, and label your products.

The total cost is determined by the quantity of items ordered as well as shipping charges. If you need to scale up quickly, they can be a cheap and trustworthy supply.

2. Wholesalers

Many manufacturers sell their products through wholesalers rather than directly to retailers. This is one of the reasons when wholesalers can come to your rescue.

Another advantage of getting your products from wholesalers is that you won’t have to worry about stacking them and transporting them to a warehouse, which will cost you extra money. That’s why buying from them, despite the fact that they raise the price somewhat and allow merchants like you to resell them to the public at large, might be a decent option.

3. Dropshipping

This is a more digital, yet still widely used, means of selling products online. Dropshipping eliminates the necessity for you to acquire the products and deliver them to your valued clients.

Let’s take a moment to review how dropshipping works. First, you select a dropshipper who can offer the products you desire. When a customer places an order and makes payments, you simply put the same order to the dropshipper with the customer’s shipping address. The dropshipper will deliver the product to the customer on your behalf.

4. Crafting Your Own Products

If your products aren’t commodities but rather handcrafted items such as jewelry or artwork, all you need to hunt for are suppliers of raw materials for your item.

Crafting your own products provide you unlimited control over how you stack them and how much you charge. And if you’re on the cusp of scaling up, it may necessitate hiring personnel to handle the load.

how to choose products online to sell

How Do I Start Selling Online

You’re already halfway there if you’ve considered the preceding stages. As a result, let us bring you to the next steps, where we’ll introduce you to online marketplaces and methods for conducting business.

Sell Products on Your Own Website

If you desire complete control over your business, you should start by creating your own website. It means you can showcase and handle sales faster and easier than ever before, as well as reduce competitors.

There are numerous platforms, such as Shopify and BigCommerce, that allow you to create your own marketplace. Create a website that meets your requirements, and you’re good to go. However, in the interim, ensure that you create a mobile-friendly version, since this may attract a large number of customers.


Amazon is a well-known online platform with billions of customers worldwide. Your eCommerce store can begin with an audience that is already invested and eager to buy with that type of popularity.

This platform offers a variety of programs via which you can sell your stuff. You may also run advertisements for your products to attract more clients.

Discover how to sell on Amazon.


Another international market channel for presenting your stuff in front of clients is eBay. The technique for selling is extremely straightforward. Simply snap a quality picture of the product and write a detailed description of it. Once the item has been sold, ship it to the customer to their shipping address.

You must give eBay a portion of each item you sell in exchange for advertising on their marketplace. With eBay, you may earn discounts on any tangible product orders as well as print tags.


Etsy is the internet marketplace to use if you want to sell handcrafted items. Given that your things must be authentic handcrafted and cannot be resold, selling here is rather simple. After making an account, list your products with the relevant details and watch them sell. You must pay a $0.20 listing charge each item on Etsy, as well as a 3.5 percent surcharge.


Have you considered using Pinterest to sell items online? Branding is a little unique here than on other platforms, but it’s simple.

You’ll have to set up your business account. After that, add panels and content to it. Look for people to join. Make sure to include links on both your social networks and your site.

On your webpage, the products must feature a Pin It button. After that, you’ll have to go through a few steps to unlock the buyable pins. People who click the button can now purchase the product without ever having to leave Pinterest.


Because almost everyone spends a significant amount of time on Facebook, it might be an excellent platform for promoting your online store. Many online stores now benefit from this platform because customers prefer to shop within the app.

A sale can be accomplished in a variety of ways. It might be as simple as putting things on your Facebook page, running Facebook ads, publishing product links to your timeline, and so forth.

If a customer enjoys your product, he or she can chat with you directly using Messenger. This is regarded as one of the most trendy and trustworthy internet shopping platforms.


If you want to use Instagram to sell products, make sure you get real followers rather than the ghost ones. Make a compelling bio to pique the buyer’s interest. Any image of the product will not work here.

Take a good picture and then write an engaging description. And with product tags, you can make your Instagram shoppable. This allows you to use Instagram as a wardrobe rather than a social media platform.


Quora is the place to go if you want to attract clients without spending any fees. All you have to do is volunteer some time and ask inquiries about your goods. As a result, you’ll be able to collect consumer feedback as well as attract new customers to your online business who may be interested in making a purchase.

Learn how to make money with Quora.


Reddit can be considered as one of the most challenging platforms to master. Not in the sense of attracting fewer clients, but users here despise overt advertising, and moderators are ruthless. You can add product links to your content that is viewed by a large number of customers here. It also opens up the possibility of gaining new customers for your products.


This is a unique and intriguing venue for showcasing your products as compared to the others. You can work with any YouTuber to promote your business and products on their videos, or you can make your own video and include links in the description box.

In addition, you can monetize your videos by placing sponsored advertisements on them. There are a variety of fan-funding and crowdfunding alternatives available, including YouTube super-chat, memberships, and more.

Developing Your Store

Selling products online doesn’t rest on just choosing products and the marketplace.  If you don’t have a business strategy, there’s a good risk you’ll have to shut your shop in a short span of time. As a result, we believe you should examine yourself with the subsequent statements and seek to clarify them.

What are Your Objectives?

It all boils down to where you want to picture yourself in the long term. In business, having a clear vision can help you go a fair distance.

What Kind of Profit are You Aiming for?

When selling products online, deciding out how you’ll price them is equally critical. So make a definitive decision to work on it thoroughly.

Who are Your Major Competitors?

There’s a high likelihood you won’t be the only one releasing the product. Many businesses are already thriving as a result of it. So, think about what you can offer that others can’t. The response will set your company apart from the competition.

How are People Spending Their Money Online?

The more your items meet the wants and desires of your customers, the more profit you can make. So make sure you offer the convenient ways so that they can have a smooth shopping.

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Methods of Payment and Delivery

Choosing the appropriate payment option is an integral part of understanding how to sell online. Certain consumers may choose to pay with credit cards, while others may choose to pay with PayPal. On the other side, some people in your area may prefer cash-on-delivery options.

Consider the following factors before deciding on a payment method:

  • How much would the payment option deduct from each sale, as well as setup and cancellation fees?
  • Check to see if your selected form of payment accepts your products.
  • Find out if the payment type has a routine operation.
  • Check to see if the payment method covers your whole consumer base.

How to Make the First Sell

This is a typical blunder that many entrepreneurs overlook while planning to start an internet business. And that’s how you get people to buy your things.

There are several techniques to engage customers without spending a lot of money in order to achieve your first transaction.

  • Send influencers free samples
  • Start blogging
  • Create a mailing list
  • Become a sponsor for an event
  • Try out Google Ads for a while
  • Distribute wholesale to other stores
  • Make a press release
  • Join social media groups or blogs to create a chain
  • Make a contest or a gift available to your audience

By using these alternatives, you may boost your likelihood of being seen and making your first sale.


Before we say our farewell, we’d want to remind you that starting an online business to sell things requires a series of steps. If you carefully follow the methods outlined above, you will have a well-organized store that will undoubtedly attract potential consumers.

And now that you’ve learned how to sell products online, it’ll only be a matter of time before you achieve your own level of success!

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