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Podia Review: The Easiest Way to Sell Your Online Course

By Riccardo

July 26, 2019

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Are you looking for an easy way to build your own online business empire? Check out my Podia review and discover the features of this amazing platform.

Selling online courses, creating membership sites or digital downloads has never been easier thanks to Podia.

When deciding between a vast array of options, it’s easy to gravitate towards the big brand names like Teachable or Kajabi.

But while these platforms are impressive and boast a wide variety of features and customizability, with Podia you’ll get a one-stop shop solution, user-friendly and easy to use.

Keep reading if you wish to know more about how to start your own online business.

Podia Review

What is Podia?

Podia offers a clean interface for designing your website, ideal for beginners who need to build memberships sites, sell digital downloads and online courses.

Since the platform has been built for help new digital entrepreneurs, the options are more consolidated for users in those industries.

Therefore we can think of Podia as a full-featured digital storefront where you can house and sell your online courses, downloads, and memberships.

Features and benefits of Podia

Podia has gained a lot of traction in the e-commerce realm because of its creator-friendly policies. Not many digital storefronts boast instant payout from sales with zero transaction fees! That attractive feature, all by itself, is a major selling point for many!

As mentioned before, Podia features are broken down into three main categories (including an in-house email marketing platform):

  • Memberships
  • Online courses
  • Digital Downloads

Regarding the benefits, there are several reasons why to choose Podia:

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Affiliate marketing campaigns
  • Tested and optimized for maximal conversion rates
  • Allows users to sell monthly and annual memberships
  • Instant payout with no transaction fees
  • Excellent customer support (24/7)
  • Free migration
  • Unlimited everything

Create an online course or sell digital products is very easy and beginner friendly, all you need in one platform.

Podia has a very simplistic and minimalist design to maximize the user experience for you and your customers.

the homepage of podia.com

Membership Site

You can build a recurring revenue by creating a Membership.

As part of the membership package, you can choose between digital downloads and online courses, or even bundling products.

Podia is the only e-commerce platform that allows you to bundle any of your digital products with your memberships.

Whenever you need it, you can keep in touch with your members by sending out emails, including images, video, and audio updates.

Podia lets you create and offer multiple plans with different prices, content, and perks.

You can set up both monthly and annual member subscriptions as Podia’s membership sites are powered by Stripe, one of the most secure payment system that simultaneously houses all your customer and financial data.

Online Course

This is probably the most common use of Podia, a platform designed to let you sell your online courses with ease.

You can host an unlimited number of courses, customers, and sales. It’s possible to upload just about any type of file to your online course.

Podia provides you a basic theme, which looks modern and clean. You can collect emails and payments, everything on the same page, without any external integration.

Digital Downloads

It’s possible to sell almost each kind of files, including checklists, PDFs, eBooks, videos, audio, and cheat sheets.

Thanks to the complimentary sales page, you can insert video, testimonial, FAQ and an email opt-in form to improve the customer experience.

The checkout process is fast and doesn’t require to create an account, thanks to which your conversion rate will surely increase.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another great feature of Podia, as it’s actually integrated into the other modules such as digital downloads, online courses, and the membership sites.

Regardless which feature you are using, you can gather email addresses from both current and prospective customers via your prelaunch and/or storefront webpages.

The drip campaigns are sent out automatically through emails, but Podia also offers email newsletters for when you’d like to put together some content and keep people engaged.

Podia will help you tracking email click, open, and unsubscribe rates. This is amazing, considering that you usually need an external email marketing software.

That’s not all, as Podia goes above and beyond by taking care of the affiliate marketing campaigns, giving you the option to distribute affiliate links to your customers , who can link back to you and your products, meanwhile you can keep track of affiliate sales.

Template & Design

The templates are preset for making your checkout, sales page, membership pages, and course pages the best they can be, easy to navigate and very clean.

Thanks to its minimalist and user-friendly style, when you use the “Editor”, after filling in the product name and description for your course or digital download, you’re brought to a page that simply asks you to upload your pre-designed content.

For your courses, you can add text, new sections, files, links and quizzes. It’s possible to customize as well the main colour of the theme, the background, the text and the buttons.

It’s a wonderful solution for all skills levels because of how rapidly the Podia builder puts together your website.

Remember, everything is unlimited!

Podia Free 14-Day Trial

Podia Review: Is Podia right for you?

It’s a super intuitive and comprehensive platform. You might be a passionate creative with many great ideas, but lack the technical know-how required to build and host courses online or how to market your digital products.

Therefore, Podia has the perfect user-experience for beginners and intermediates but lack of control for advanced users.

Some developers would prefer to use WordPress, Magento or other softwares for more advanced features.

Anyway Podia is really fine if you're only going to make something like a membership or online course site.

Podia is also highly valuable if you’re already hosting your digital content on a website or a different selling platform, as it offers you a free migration.

Price & Plans

Podia's platform pricing

Since Podia provides you a 14 days free trail without any credit card, you have a chance to play around with the tools and see how easy it is to use.

You can choose between:

  • Shaker package: which costs $79/month and lets you offer memberships, online courses, and digital downloads for sale, along with email marketing .
  • Mover package: which costs $39/month and includes everything from the Shaker package but the memberships.

Upgrade to an actual plan within five days of starting your free trial, a 15% lifetime discount is applied.

This means you can get the Shaker package for $67/month or the Mover package for $33/month.

If you decide to go for the annual billing, you get an extra discount to the monthly fee.

Conclusion: Podia, the easy way

Podia makes creating a membership site for your audience easy and also offering  existing courses or downloads to your audience with just few clicks.

The platform is creator-friendly, offering unlimited everything, zero transaction fees and we can consider it as a one-stop shop solution.

These are the main benefits of why to choose Podia:

  • Allows you to sell everything in one place
  • It has email newsletter and drip email sequences built in
  • Storefront that shows to your customers the products they have and the ones they haven’t bought yet
  • Low transaction fees
  • Fast payouts
  • Amazing customer support

In other words, Podia offers a wonderful user experience along with a rapid launch process for online courses, digital downloads, and membership sites.

Podia Free 14-Day Trial


Hope you enjoyed my Podia review.

Have you already tried Podia? If you have any question, please leave a comment below and share this blog post with other digital entrepreneurs.


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