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What Products To Sell Online: 20 Niche Products Ideas

By Riccardo

June 11, 2021

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Being able to successfully sell products online depends on multiple factors. While it can be convenient if you have a unique product, selling in-demand products helps you obtain the profit that businesses thrive towards. Therefore, you must figure out what you want to sell online before moving on to how you can sell it. To your rescue, we are here with a curated list of desirable products that you can sell online to make money.

What Products To Sell Online?

1. Household Storage Containers

Just like the increase in demand for many other household items, storage containers have become quite the talk especially due to the work-from-home scenario. Household storage containers come in handy to keep out-of-season items, organize the essentials, and sometimes incorporate them into the room’s interior too. Therefore, they can be a great start for your online selling business.

2. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are amazing before opting for the long-term route. The younger generation is fond of decorative images thanks to the cultural change many celebrities, musicians, and artists are bringing. So, this henna-link ink can be a great product selling opportunity.

3. Kitchen Towels

To be honest, the demand for home essentials like kitchen towels never runs out. These extremely durable pieces of fabric can withstand repeated washing. According to research, kitchen towels with newer technology like Through Air Drying (TAD) have an increase in demand as they are more absorbent.

4. Bookends

Bookends are heavy objects that are designed to hold a row of vertically placed books. Since they come in possibly any shapes and sizes you can think of customers always look for a type that will spice up their desk or library. So you can sell bookends that come in the form of large crystals, mythical creatures, geometric shapes, and more.

5. Hair Styling Accessories

Hairstyling tools and accessories are desirable products in the beauty industry. Since there’s a significant increase in sales in this category on websites like Shopify and AliExpress you can be assured that they will sell well. Plus, according to Keywords Everywhere, there is a whopping 12,100 searches per month on the term “hair styling tools”.

6. Cellulite Removal Cream

Cellulite removal products have always been a popular niche. But over the past few years, cellulite removal cream is definitely a marketable product that you easily sell online. You can buy them in bulk from AliExpress or Amazon, set up a business page on Facebook, and sell them while maintaining a substantial profit margin.

7. Shapewear

Shapewear is an evergreen product category that is bound to grow. Initially, it was only considered as an undergarment, but now people purchase it as a fashion accessory too. The tight-fitting design is supposed to shape your body. So, not only will it fall under necessities, but you can also throw it in fashion in the general apparel category.

8. Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes have a recurring monthly bill. But it’s one of those cases where customers do not mind when a certain amount gets deducted from their savings account because they are excited to receive a box filled with things they’re passionate about. Starting from snacks and makeup to hygiene products and books, you can choose any categorized products to sell online.

9. Minimalist Watches

Watches will always be a timeless category as watch lovers usually own multiple pieces. There are an overwhelming number of online and physical stores where you can find watch targeting a niche, and sell them to the customers. Minimalist watches are fashionable pieces that are worth selling.

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10. Detox Tea/Juice

Health-conscious enthusiasts are always looking for products to update their daily diet. Detox tea or juice is beneficial to people who consume them regularly. While there is a good amount of stores and brands that sell them, you can always target the niche by adding a micronutrient like B12 for a better selling point.

11. Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are a huge category that will always be in demand. You could focus on a certain age group to target a niche of new mothers. Plus, you can always promote your product with the help of mommy bloggers.

12. Eyelash Extensions

Anything that falls under the fashion and beauty category will give you a great starting point for a business. The same goes for eyelash extensions. According to Market Research Future, the consumable products industry is expected to rise to $1.3 billion by 2023 so you might as well get on board.

13. Portable Blender

Popular among fitness enthusiasts, the demand for portable blenders is on the rise. These appliances do a great job in making protein shakes and smoothies which are staples for both homemakers and health fanatics.

14. Keto Supplements

Currently, Keto is the most popular diet due to its quick results. It involves replacing the majority of the carbs intake with proteins fat-rich items. This is where Keto supplements come into play. They could be a great product to sell online and the growth can increase organically when Keto diet individuals recommend the supplements to each other.

15. Posture Corrector

A sedentary lifestyle leads to poor posture followed by back pain and curvature of the spine. A posture corrector is designed to refrain your body from slouching thereby, preventing a poor posture. Since it has been gaining popularity online, you could sell them to a large demographic especially people who have desk jobs.

16. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are handy electronic devices that are useful at home or for travel. According to Markets and Markets, the wireless audio device industry’s worth is expected to grow up to $134.20 billion by 2025. So, you can be assured that as long as you target the right customers, you’ll be able to sell Bluetooth speakers successfully online.

17. Digital Courses

With online education being a go-to option for many students, selling digital courses can be a great choice for starting a business. So if you have expertise on a certain subject, you can form your own digital course, and sell them online to passionate learners.

creating a digital course

18. Pet Grooming Products

The pet grooming industry is predicted to grow up to $3,580 million by 2025. Based on these statistics, selling pet grooming products certainly is a great idea.

19. LED/Fairy Lights

The need for LED/fairy lights has changed over the years. Previously it was only wanted during festivals and events. But now, people use it as a décor item in their rooms to spice up the interior. Therefore, you can sell them online easily. Even though the profit margin isn’t too high, people often make repurchases.

20. Athleisure

Athleisure refers to activewear worn as day-to-day outfits, and not for working out. There’s a huge demand for this category among both millennials and Gen Z. So if you’re planning to target a large demographic, selling athleisure online is definitely an excellent choice.

How to Start Selling Products Online?

1. Select the Ideal Platform

Since there is a myriad of online Marketplaces, you must choose the right platform for the product you’re selling. There are a few factors that must be considered before selecting a platform. Market fit comes at the top. Other factors include the cost of publishing your products, reseller partnership fees, commissions, required plugins, and of course the support ensured by the Marketplace.

2. Search a Niche

You must decide what kind of products you will be selling online. If you have an idea that you’re passionate about, go ahead. If not, you can opt for one of the product selling options featured in this article. You can also focus on selling products that can solve a certain problem or support a particular industry.

3. Use High-Quality Pictures

The possibility of attracting potential customers depends on the presentation of the products. Therefore, you must post high-quality pictures of the products that you’re trying to sell on the Marketplace. This tactic works as visual branding for any e-commerce site so you can be assured it will work for the Marketplace too. You don’t have to splurge on an expensive camera to capture HD-quality pictures. Instead, you can check out Tips for photography on a budget.

4. Put SEO-friendly Descriptions

SEO-friendly descriptions work like magic when you’re trying to attract target customers. Think about what your potential customer may be typing when looking for the product you’re selling. When writing descriptions, you should keep them short and simple. Putting the highlights of the product on bullet points looks great too.

5. Promote Your Products

The easiest way to promote your products is by utilizing social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can link the product in your promotional post on these platforms to drive customers and increase conversions. You can also add a widget to a landing page on your website. This will drive customers directly to your e-commerce website without having to spend extra money on advertisements.

6. Set the Prices

It’s crucial to set a price for your product that will gain both your business and the customer. On online Marketplaces, the majority of the customers hunt for their desired price. So, setting an unrealistic price for your product will simply drive away the potential customers and may also cause negative word of mouth. Once you evaluate the right price, you should automate them on the online Marketplace.

7. Sort out the Shipping

The cost and duration of shipping of the product play a huge role in determining whether a customer will continue to checkout. According to statistics, 96% of the customers expect free shipping while 26% of them will abandon the cart if the shipping duration is too high. As a beginner, you can try shipping services your Marketplace offers such as the Amazon FBA program where Amazon fulfills the orders and ships them out.

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What Are The Benefits of Selling Products Online?

1. Huge Customer Base

The internet provides you a huge customer base to serve. Companies like Amazon and eBay have established online platforms that attract millions of customers. If you do not want to spend additional money on advertising campaigns, you can start selling your products on an online Marketplace and see how it goes from there.

2. Cost-Effective

In comparison to an e-commerce site, an online Marketplace is certainly more affordable. Some websites such as Facebook offer free Marketplace to sell your products!

3. Faster Launch Time

Selling products on an online Marketplace can be your initial step before starting your own e-commerce website. Plus, the traffic you obtain on the Marketplace can be driven to your website later.

Where to Look For More Product Selling Ideas?

SEO and Keyword Searches

It’s crucial to be updated on all the current trends as a marketer. To come up with better ideas for selling products, you should regularly check social mentions, business-related traffic to keywords, and Google trends that are related to your niche. Websites such as Trend Hunter and Trend Watching are a great start too.


Through surveys, you can find out what the customer is interested in. So, try asking day-to-day questions on questionnaires to locate the kind of products customers are looking for.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are excellent in-demand product locating spots. You can keep tabs on influencers and celebrities on these platforms to obtain ideas on similar products to your niche.

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Competitors’ Marketplaces

For product ideas that are already established and will certainly work, look at competitors’ marketplaces and put your own twist before releasing them on the web.

Wrapping Up

As you can assume, there’s no limit to what you can sell online. However, the smart move is to sell products that customers want and need. How can you know that? Well, following what’s on trend on marketplaces and social media platforms works like magic. We’re positive that any product you choose to sell from our featured list is bound to make you money as long as you’re using the right platform.


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