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How To Build A Landing Page – OptimizePress vs ClickFunnels

By Riccardo

November 7, 2018

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Interested to know how to build a landing page? Don’t you know what landing page builder to use? OptimizePress or ClickFunnels?

In this blog post I will go through the pros and cons of each platform to understand which of the two you should actually use.

First of all I was in the situation of deciding which of the two platforms to use to build my very first landing page. I did a lot of researches to decide which of the platforms could fit my needs.

What I needed it was a simple opt-in page or resources page for my website. That’s why the first thing you need to consider is the type of use you want to do. Now let’s see in details why use one instead of another.

OptimizePress versus ClickFunnels. What to choose to build your landing page.


In order to use OptimizePress, you need a WordPress website. If you have not installed WordPress on your website you are not able to install and use OptimizePress. This also means that you must have bought a hosting service.

The hosting service I use for this blog is SiteGround (definitely cheap and reliable).

OptimizePress it has been always proven to be an effective and fast solution to create very nice and converting landing pages. That’s why it is used from marketers all around the world.

It’s pretty easy to install as you only need to install a plugin on your WordPress website and that’s it. What you need upfront of course is a hosting service and a domain.


How to use OptimizePress

Once you have chosen the plan with SiteGround you can install WordPress for free and then OptimizePress.

You can use OptimizePress directly in WordPress to create and customize Landing pages, sales pages, webinar pages, member areas and more.

You can also create a different sub-domain on which install the plugin to build your landing page (e.g.

In this way you can manage everything in separate ways and be sure that your website will not have problem due to the heaviness of the plugin. You can active a sub-domain directly in the CPanel of your blog.

Let’s dive into the functionalities of OptimizePress and discover how to build a landing page with it.

OptimizePress plugin let you choose different kinds of landing page.

This is the main page of the plugin installed on your website. You have a wide variety of ready pages that you can select and modify in the way you prefer (Landing pages, Sales pages, Thank-You pages, Webinar pages, Members Area, etc.).

Once you choose the page you like, you are now able to start building or modifying the page thanks to the editor. You have a lot of different elements to add to your page.

OptimizePress editor has a lot of elements to add to your landing page

You can integrate OptimizePress with a lot of external software. The most important of course will be your software of email automation thanks to which you will be able to collect the emails of your visitors. If you don’t have one yet I recommend you to try Aweber.

==> Aweber Free 30 Day Trial

To create a landing page or sales page with OptimizePress it’s pretty easy and it shouldn’t take you so much. After the first few times it will be very simple to speed up the process of creation. Anyway you have the possibility to use the live editor once your page has been published, in order to make any relevant change.

Another important functionality is the possibility to integrate Paypal or Stripe into your page in order to collect payments from your customers.

Last but not least it’s worth to mention that one of the main pro of OptimizePress is the price. Only $97 (one-time-payment). You will pay extra only if you want to purchase extra templates or the Publisher or Pro version.

Here you have a list of pros & cons.


  • $97 one-time-payment (3 licenses for 3 websites)
  • Easy to use for who has a WordPress website
  • Free templates
  • Complete controls of your website (hosting & domain)


  • Slowdown of the website sometimes
  • You need a hosting and domain
  • Limited customer support
Get OptimizePress



Let's dive into the second platform you can choose and discover how to build a landing page with ClickFunnels.

The main difference with OptimizePress is that with ClickFunnels you don't need to have your hosting and domain but you can start building your landing page directly on the platform and having it ready in minutes.

It's really cool but at the same time it can be a disadvantage, because even if it easier to start for you, on the other side you always have to rely on them servers and on the monthly fee to use it.

This limit it can be easily overcome if you think the amount of time you save just using ClickFunnels to build your landing page. There are a lot of ready templates to use and easy to modify.

ClickFunnels dashboard where you can manage your user settings.

How to use ClickFunnels

You can start to use ClickFunnels for free (14 day trial) and then decide if it fits your needs or not.

To build your funnel you have 3 main goals to choose: collect emails, sell your product, host webinar.

Everything you need it's inside ClickFunnels, however what you have to purchase is a software of email marketing to integrate and payment system to connect to it (Paypal, Stripe).

ClickFunnels is highly recommended especially for who of you need to build a members area, as it is really much simpler than using OptimizePress. Overall the graphics of ClickFunnels are much more impacting the user when landing on your page.

The founder of ClickFunnels is Russel Branson, a famous funnel-hacker and serial entrepreneur. He is a really experienced digital marketer making millions of dollars every year thanks to his funnels, that's why you can rely on a excellent product.

Here you can access my full review: Is ClickFunnels the most effective digital marketing tool?

Let's check the pros & cons:


  • Simple and intuitive
  • It doesn't require hosting or domain
  • Great to create video-courses or member's area
  • Quick support


  • Price: $97/month


ClickFunnels Free 14 Day Trial


To run my first affiliate campaigns I've used OptimizePress to build my landing pages.

If you are interested to learn more about affiliate marketing go to my affiliate marketing: step-by-step guide for beginners.


So you are probably asking yourself which landing page builder to choose, OptimizePress or ClickFunnels?

It depends on your goals and your needs.

If you have already a website and you want to collect only emails through your landing page, then go for OptimizePress. It's the best landing page builder for WordPress.

It's just a plugin you have to install on your website and then you can start playing a bit with it to understand all its functions.

Instead, if you want to build a landing page or sales page from scratch and you have already a product or service to sell, I would recommend choosing ClickFunnels. It will be easier for you to publish or add documents and create a members area for your customers.

In ClickFunnels you will be able to add upsells during the sales process, that's why you return on investment will be much faster.

Do you have more questions about how to build a landing page? Leave a comment below.

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